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The One Minute Trainer
Download the modules below and update your skills from these multimedia presentations. All modules are taken from IPM's full accreditation programs and offer the latest course material available anywhere.

Establish Rapport
Taken from our Professional Recruiter Program, the objective of this lesson is to establish an atmosphere of comfort and trust so that job applicants feel as comfortable talking about the negative aspects of their background as well as the positive. Click Here.

Team Goals
Taken from our Professional Manager Program, the objective of this lesson is to demonstrate that a work team should not be bogged down in red tape and bureaucracy but should push to maintain continuous contact with customers. Click Here.

Performance Gaps
Taken from our Professional Trainer program, this lesson shows the four primary causes of performance problems that should be considered when you're analyzing a training needs analysis and you're looking for solutions. Click Here.

We have made available many more One Minute Trainer downloads to get you up and running quickly. Visit our Free Download page and check out the topics.Click Here.

February 2005

Keep Meeting Expenses Down...
Money makes the world go "round" And when it comes to meeting planning, money can probably get you whatever you want. However, few event planners have the luxury. Click Here.

Team Building Games
Tired of the same old boring staff retreats but not quite ready for adventure outings like whitewater rafting? Then why not introduce some team building games into your agenda?
Click Here.

The Outsourcing Trend
The twenty-first century has brought us multi-layered and multi-national companies that have clients in every major industry on every continent. Click Here.

Building a Skilled Workforce in Canada
Canada is grappling with the challenges of developing and retaining a skilled workforce. This was the topic of a recent industry conference from The Conference Board, our leading think tank. Click Here.

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Acquire the skills to recruit, manage, train and assess employees. Take classroom, online, CDROM or video training to attain professional accreditation.

Registered Professional Trainer (RPT) Become accredited to assess the need for training, develop the material, deliver the content and evaluate the results.
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Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR) Become registered to reduce recruitment costs, lower the risk of erroneous hiring decisions and avoid needless litigation.
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Canadian Management Professional (CMP) Become recognized as a manager who can manage a workload, communicate more effectively and use resources wisely.
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