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Meet Canada's leading human resource and management experts! IPM, in conjunction with the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada, the Canadian Management Professionals Association and the Canadian Association of Assessment Specialists, holds regular chapter events, workshops and conferences featuring recognized national industry expert speakers.

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Colin Fetter

Dr. Lori Campbell

Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Julianna Cantwell

Register three (3) participants from the same organization at the same time and a fourth participant attends FREE of charge.

IPM's Chapter Meetings & Workplace Events

Edmonton Full Day Conference

Management Strategies for Today's Workplace

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are cancelling ALL Spring 2020 Conferences effective March 30, 2020.

We will process refunds for all registrations by April 15, 2020.

For those who paid by credit card, you should see the refund on your credit card statement within a week of that date. Those who paid by cheque will be mailed a cheque from IPM accordingly.

We may need to contact some of you for additional credit card details this week. Please reply as quickly as possible in order for us to process all refunds.

We thank you for your support and hope to see you at a future event. We are always here to look after your training needs and member services.

Hope everyone is safe and well!

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hours: 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. (Continental breakfast served at 8:30a.m.)

Location: Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre, 11727 Kingsway, Edmonton

Topics and Speakers:

Hot Buttons: Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Colin Fetter, LL.B., Partner/Practice Group Leader, Brownlee LLP

Finding an Organizational Home for Diversity & Inclusion presented by Dr. Lori Campbell, PhD, Principal, Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership, NorQuest College

Communicating Under Pressure: How to Get Control and Manage Difficult Situations presented by Dr. Ganz Ferrance, PhD, Registered Psychologist, Speaker Author, and Coach

Mental Health at Work – Managing Complex Performance Issues presented by Julianna Cantwell, President, JUNA Consulting Inc.

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Ottawa - Apr. 23, 2020

Calgary - May 5, 2020

Halifax - May 6, 2020

Toronto - May 6, 2020

Edmonton - May 7, 2020

Register three (3) participants from the same organization at the same time and a fourth participant attends FREE of charge.

Media Sponsors:

Hot Buttons: Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law

Managing people in this truly diverse and changing world has its challenges. The legal landscape for employers continues to evolve. This presentation will address tips and recent developments in the following areas:

• Top Hidden Tips and Traps in the New OHS, ESC and WCB legislation

We have all heard about the 2018 changes to the Alberta Employment Legislation. In this session, examine the key issues and elements of the changes more than a year later and several months after the “Summer of Repeal”. Obtain insights on the top hidden tips and traps as well as an update on what is happening in practice now.

• Cannabis in the Workplace – Has the Smoke Cleared?

Learn about what has happened since legalization and some future developments employers should be aware of. Where are we at on “edibles”? What about CBD only products? Do we have a test yet for impairment due to cannabis? Can any recreational consumption outside work be banned for safety sensitive positions? Discover new cases providing guidance on what policies are effective and the arising key do’s and don’ts.

Click here for information on Colin Fetter

Finding an Organizational Home for Diversity & Inclusion

Where should an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy live in an organization? Where would it be best placed for accountability and success? Who are in the best roles and positions to champion it, advocate for it and protect it? Common wisdom tells us that HR provides the best home for EDI. It is the heart of talent management and employee processes. But is it really the best home for an EDI strategy? Examine these issues and more.

Explore the tensions that may exist between EDI and HR. Discover where our philosophy, values and goals of the respective mandates are aligned. Discuss the benefits and risks of moving these two areas closer together.

Find out whether professional preparation in the HR field is adequate for this key role in organizations and what front line business partners and HR strategists need to be equipped with to execute on EDI strategy.

Click here for information on Dr. Lori Campbell

Communicating Under Pressure: How to Get Control and Manage Difficult Situations

When you are under stress, the sympathetic nervous system takes over (your brain basically de-evolves). You feel threatened so the filter between your thoughts and your mouth doesn’t work anymore. This shows up as weird body language, confusing facial expressions and words that can easily be misinterpreted. You also interpret what you hear from whatever emotion you are having at the time instead of a place of logic and objectivity. The result is conflict, poor decision-making and substandard work. All of this escalates difficult situations, making it harder to move forward with positive solutions.

Whether you are a police officer who needs to talk someone down, a leader needing to get their team to follow through on a strategic plan or a salesperson looking gain trust, it is essential to learn how to calm the nervous system down so you can be far more effective at getting your points across, managing any stress that comes your way and gaining deeper, healthier relationships.

In this strategic presentation, participants will:
* Stop a simple discussion from suddenly degenerating into Armageddon
* Avoid the 3 most common mistakes people make when communicating (and find out what to do instead)
* Make sure your REAL point gets across and you TRULY get what the other person is trying to say. Recognize the early warning signs and how to take back control when your emotions are running the show

Click here for information on Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Mental Health at Work – Managing Complex Performance Issues

1 in 5 Canadians lives with mental illness. At work, it often shows up as behavioural issues that require performance management. Because of the stigma associated with mental illness, most managers and business owners are unsure how to have an open conversation with employees about challenges happening in the workplace.

In this dynamic interactive session, participants will learn to:

* Become aware of facts/stats about mental health issues
Commons issues and prevalence
Costs to organizations when not managed well

* Interact effectively with individuals suffering with mental illness
Discuss this sensitive topic with employees

* Learn the ALPS method to open dialogue

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