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The move towards greater efficiency is a demanding management task. IPM can help. Draw on the experience of IPM's consulting staff to help you develop and implement strategic workplace plans and strategies:

Recruitment and Selection Models
Are you spending too much time, effort and money recruiting talent? IPM can develop a resume and interview screening tool that includes a series of powerful interview questions and a scoring model based on the vacant job description. The end result is an objective tool that will improve hiring accuracy, save time and costs and defend the organization's selection decisions from legal challenges.

Workplace Investigations
Are your reference checks thorough enough to prevent an erroneous hiring decision? Do you have concerns about the level of compensation claims? IPM's national network of licensed workplace investigators can carry out extensive surveillance and background checks. The end result is an effective tool for exposing cases of misrepresentation, non-disclosure or, alternately, to confirm a legitimate claim. Reports are designed for courtroom scrutiny.

Productivity Improvements
Have your labour costs outpaced your revenues? IPM can identify redundant or overlapping jobs, redefine existing jobs and measure incumbents' performance. IPM can then recommend which training and development action plans are required to bring incumbents' skill levels up to the desired performance standards. The end result is a leaner workforce that can multi-task and get the job done more efficiently.

Merit Based Performance Management
Do your employees know why they receive or don't receive a wage or salary increase? IPM can conduct a position analysis, develop measurable criteria for performance reviews and conduct salary and compensation surveys for the move towards a credible merit-based compensation system. If your organization has not yet formulated any compensation/performance systems, IPM can get you started quickly and efficiently. The end result is a highly motivated workforce that is fairly compensated based on performance within the employer's means.

Team Building
To what extent do your employees feel part of a team and how effective are they? IPM can draw this information out quickly and efficiently through a proven two day team building program. The end result is a workteam that shares important information among all team members, a workteam that has the ability to reach consensus and solve problems and a workteam that can set priorities and come to a decision as a group.

Positive Employee Relations in a Non-Union Environment
Do you know what your employees are really thinking about their jobs, their managers and the company? IPM can conduct in-depth surveys that identify employees' real attitudes about the 'hot spots' commonly associated with union drives and certification. IPM can then recommend effective employee relations programs to eliminate the deficiencies. The end result is a motivated workforce unlikely to seek assistance from a third party to address their concerns.

Management Training and Development
Do your managers and supervisors have the training to get results from their workteams? IPM is a certified educational institute and registered with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. IPM can deliver in-house workshops and accreditation programs that improve the way your managers recruit, hire, manage and supervise others in your organization. The end result is a credible management team able to improve productivity and promote positive employee relations.Contact our consulting team and learn how IPM can assist you with cost effective and timely workplace plans and strategies. Reach us by calling toll free at 1-888-441-0000 for more information.

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