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Equity: Are We There Yet?

That really depends on your definition of employment equity and even more importantly, who you are asking. According to the Canadian government, there are four designated equity groups: They are women, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities. The history of employment equity is relatively new in Canada and most trace it back to 1977 when the Canadian Parliament adopted the Canadian Human Rights Act.

People Analytics
People analytics have actually been around for a long time. We have been measuring and gathering info about employees and how they work, to help us make better decisions.

Leaders Need Flexible Body Language
Before the meeting began, Adam had assumed a “power pose,” standing with hands on hips and feet wide apart, for two full minutes, to get all the advertised benefits of doing so. And it worked.

Decode the Human
Business leaders spend 80% or more of their time communicating. How their messages are interpreted by employees directly impacts employee engagement.

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Fed. Gov’t. Strengthens Temporary Foreign Worker Program through Budget 2017

What's In A Name? Name-Blind Recruitment Comes to the Fed. Gov't.

Budget 2017 Helps Newcomers Get Their Credentials Recognized and Find Jobs More Quickly

ILO Says Social Dialogue Key to Shaping the Future of Work We Want

Website Provides Information to Bridge the Gap between Sex, Gender, and Workplace Health and Safety

Budget 2017 Makes Lifelong Learning for a Changing Job Market More Affordable

Canadian CFO Leadership Network Launched to Focus on Developing Sustainable Businesses

Senate Betrays Canadian Workers on Bill C-4

Business Council Hails Domestic Free Trade Agreement

Fed. Gov’t. Announces New $1.26-Billion Fund for Business Innovation

Everyday Inclusion: Winners of 'Canada's Best Diversity Employers' are announced for 2017

CAMH and Morneau Shepell announce the Presenting Partner for 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health



BC: New Skills and Job Training for Unemployed Vancouver Residents

AB: Results of Curriculum Survey Support Career Focus

MB: Labour Board Finds that Manitoba Harvest Violated Rights of Workers Seeking Unionization

SK: Winners of 2017 'Saskatchewan's Top Employers' Competition are Announced

ON: Increased Protection Needed For Temp Workers

ON: Ontario's Pay Equity Office Taking Steps to Advance Women's Economic Equality

NB: Innovation Week Set for May 4-12

NL: Minister Byrne Recognizes Success of Transitions to Work Pilot Program

This Month
The Elephant in the Room: Mental Illness
There is a mental health crisis in Canada and it is seeping into the workplace. The

Employment Equity - Are We There Yet?
Employment equity has lifted up some groups in particular areas of the economy, but there's still a long ways to go.
People Analytics: The Technology of Today and Tomorrow
the organizations that are most successful in people analytics have figured out the balance between utilizing the latest technological improvements and maintaining a human hand on the tiller.

Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting Minors Was Wrongfully Dismissed
The charges had nothing to do with the workplace and the company made no investigation, the judge ruled.
Warehouse Worker Who Attacked Colleague Gets Reinstated
The chokehold attack was “a momentary flare-up and not premeditated,” the arbitrator found.
Not All Ontario Restaurants Comply With Gender-Neutral Dress Codes
Sexualized dress codes leave restaurants vulnerable to discrimination complaints.

Leaders Need Flexible Body Language
Body language not only affects the way others see you but also the way you see yourself.
Everyone is a Comedian … At Work?
Survey says humour in Canadian offices is an important part of company culture.

Shop Talk
What's the Next Step on the CFO's Career Ladder?
While CFO may be a major career goal for some, a number of financial executives are looking further up the ladder.
Decode the Human
With CFOs' insight into, and influence over, fiscal growth across the business, they are well-positioned to take the helm as CEO.

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