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Ethics at Work: Why it Matters

There are a lot of dynamics at play in the modern workplace. Between managing an increasingly diverse workforce, trying to anticipate a highly competitive market, and keeping customers and employees happy, it is always useful to have a system in place to turn to when unexpected things happen. Despite investing significant resources in crafting the right team for an organization, it is not necessarily possible to predict erratic behaviour, and that is why having ethical guidelines in place before accidents occur can be invaluable.

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Workplace Mental Health Trends
The stigma of mental health in the workplace, is being dismantled as we become more accepting of mental health. So how is this going to look in the workplace for 2018 and beyond?

Women Still Face Career Challenges
To mark International Women's Day, PwC Canada published the results of a global survey that included insights from Canadian professional women around their career development experiences and aspirations.

Impact of Automation on Jobs in Coming Decade
A new RBC research paper, has revealed that 50% of Canadian jobs will be disru pted in the coming decade by automation.


Budget 2018: More Help for Those Who Need it with the New Canada Workers Benefit

EDC as Gender Equality Champion and Mentor

Minister Monsef announces Funding for Women's Economic Empowerment on International Women's Day

Historic 2018 Federal Budget Sets Out a Path Toward Gender Equality

G7 Employment and Innovation Ministers Prepare for Jobs of the Future

Canadian Employers Preparing for Increases in Employee Medical Leaves

Stressful Days, Sleepless Nights: Survey Finds 39% of Canadian Professionals Often Lose Sleep Over Work



BC: Premier Unveils Supports for Women Building a Career in the Trades

AB: Preparing Albertans for Tech-sector Jobs

AB: Prov. to Announce New Workplace Rules

MB: Prov. Advises Employers Prosecuted For Workplace Incidents

ON: New Rules Mandating Equal Pay for Equal Work Come into Effect April 1

ON: Prov. Expanding Leave for Survivors of Domestic or Sexual Violence

NB: Annual Investment of $150,000 to Support Private Sector Pay Equity

NS: Resources to Help Employers Address Sexual Harassment

This Month
No Shortage of Talent
Companies that offer room for development will attract high-achievers.

Ethics at Work: Why it Matters
When ethical standards of conduct expectations are promoted in an effective and proactive way, business just run better.
Workplace Mental Health Trends
Here are five trends you could see happening in workplace mental health in 2018.

Supervisor’s Sexual Harassment of Subordinate Demanded Termination, Judge Found
The man had denied his behaviour was harassment, saying it was just “locker room talk."
Suspension of Nurse Accused of Stealing Morphine Is Overturned
The arbitration board said the employer could not rely on circumstantial evidence to sanction the nurse for theft.
Having to Work Evening Shifts Was Not Discriminatory, Tribunal Finds
An employer’s accommodation for a worker with epilepsy who could not longer drive was found reasonable.

Social Sciences, Humanities Degree Holders Find Rewarding Work Eventually, But Face Employment Challenges as New Graduates
The report urges the PSE and skills sectors to direct more resources towards addressing the career transition challenges facing SSH graduates.
More Canadian Women are Actively Pursuing their Career Goals, but Face Persisting Challenges
Women are confident, ambitious but many want more opportunities to talk with managers about career advancement challenges.

Shop Talk
Widespread Economic Benefits To Be Gained From Making Workplaces More Accessible For People With Disabilities
Improving the labour market participation of people with physical disabilities could add $16.8 billion in new economic activity.
Automation to impact at least 50% of Canadian jobs in the next decade: RBC research
Human intelligence and intuition critical for young people and jobs of the future.

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