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Creating Inclusive Workplaces

What is an inclusive work environment? It might be described as a workplace where employees believe that they are treated fairly, valued for who they are, and perhaps most importantly, have a role in core decision making. There’s no question that employees like to work in an inclusive environment. The results are easy to measure in terms of employee engagement, interest in their work, motivation and productivity. Staff who feel included are often more creative, more loyal and more committed to making sure that the business or organization is successful.

AI and Automation in the Workplace
We live in the age of automation. Twenty years ago if you’d have told anybody that we would all be walking around with a tiny computer in our pockets today, you would have said you’re crazy.

Canadians in Worse Financial Position Due to Pandemic
A recent survey shows financial stress has increased this year and the pressure and uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis has compelled people like never before to seek guidance on financial planning.

Working Canadians Turning to Virtual Support
While the pandemic continues to affect Canadian businesses, it's clear that employee mental health and overall wellbeing is suffering as they face fears about the transmission of COVID-19, financial uncertainty, and deal with the impacts of long term social isolation.


Fed. Gov’t. Announces New, Targeted Support to Help Businesses Through Pandemic

Online Tool Kit Helps Workplaces Build COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

September Sees Large Employment Gains, Though Uncertainty Remains

TECHNATION Industry Association Receives $32m for Wage Subsidies

New Stress Management Course for Adult Learners

A New Online Certification Program to Advance Psychologically Safe Work



AB: Protecting Jobs in the Construction Industry

AB: Advancing Alberta’s Recovery Plan

AB: Working Together to Boost Alberta’s Recovery

MB: Provincial Labour Market Gains 15,100 Jobs In September

ON: Prov. Gov’t. Accelerates Building of Key Infrastructure Projects

ON: Making Ontario Better for People and Smarter for Business

NS: Investments to Protect Farm Workers

PE: Island Workers Can Now Apply to Work-Isolate

NF: Budget 2020 Supports Families, Businesses and Communities

This Month
Missing the Human Touch
I have to confess to missing human contact while we were sheltering at home from the coronavirus storm.

The Next Wave: AI and Automation in the Workplace
With all this new technology also comes some fear, some hesitation, a lot of change, and a huge learning curve.
Creating an Inclusive Workplace
The best way to create and maintain an inclusive workplace is by hiring, growing and nurturing inclusive leaders.

Executive Entitled to $1-Million Bonus During Notice Period
The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the payment triggered by the company’s sale during his notice period.
Absenteeism Policy Was Reasonable and Reasonably Applied
An employee who missed more than 10% of her shifts in order to better herself violated the policy, an arbitrator found.
Ban on Pension Buy-Back Credits Ruled Discriminatory
A job-sharing program was used mainly by women with young children, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled.

Survey: 44% of Companies Have Hired New Staff Remotely Since Start of Pandemic
Of those, more than half expanded their search geographically to reach more candidates.
Nearly Half of Working Canadians in Worse Financial Position Due to Pandemic
Facing high stress levels amidst global economic uncertainty, employees are seeking financial guidance.

Shop Talk
Working Canadians Turning to Virtual Support
Survey shows insurers and employers play a significant role in supporting employee wellbeing.
Almost 4 in 10 Employees Are Less Motivated at Work Since the Pandemic
A Morneau Shepell report reveals a consistent trend of negative mental health among Canadians at the six-month mark of the pandemic.

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