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Meet Canada's leading human resource and management experts! IPM, in conjunction with the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada, the Canadian Management Professionals Association and the Canadian Association of Assessment Specialists, holds regular chapter events, workshops and conferences featuring recognized national industry expert speakers.

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Winnipeg Half Day Workshop June 1, 2005

To Become Change Ready: The Challenge of Contemporary Organizations

Dr. Leigh Quesnel, Principal, HQS Consulting Services, Winnipeg

Maureen Drummond, RPR, RPT, CHRP, Manager, Corporate Human Resources, Linnet-The Land Systems Company, Winnipeg

To Become Change Ready:
We live in an environment characterized by rapid, unpredictable and complex change. While change is not new, the nature of the change we are currently experiencing is. Not only is the nature of the change we are experiencing new, but the type of situations or challenge it presents us with is also very different.

How do we develop change ready organizations? How do you know if your organization is change ready? What factors are involved in getting managers and employees to accept and embrace these new challenges?

Some organizations, like some people, seem to have grasped this difference and have the ability to navigate this new type of change with little if any difficulty. They seem in fact, to thrive on it, to see in this new type of change exciting challenges and opportunities for innovation and growth. Not only do they approach change without fear, they approach it with anticipation. These organizations seem to be CHANGE READY.

How do you get your organization to be more committed to creating a context for action?

Through a process of group work we will explore these and a number of other “change ready” questions and take some ideas back to our respective organizations.

To Become Change Ready:

Dr. Leigh Quesnel has extensive experience as a leading organizational consultant for well over 20 years. He has worked with small and large organizations in both the public and private sector, nationally and internationally. Leigh has served numerous federal and provincial government departments and crown corporations. In the private sector, he has worked with a number of large service and manufacturing enterprises.

His current areas of study and interest include the evolution of management practices, managing surprise, workplace wellness, creating corporate community, the changing meaning of work, leadership, and motivation.

His work in organizations ranges from hands on consulting with senior management to the development of management and employee training programs.

Maureen Drummond has ten years experience in the Recruiting and Human Resource Management Industry in both a corporate management and consulting capacity. Maureen graduated from the University of Winnipeg, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and Sociology. She also holds a Management Studies Certificate and a Human Resources Management Certificate, both from the University of Winnipeg.

Maureen has served in key roles within organizations and has been successful in designing and implementing leading edge HR infrastructures and recruitment and retention programs that strategically align with company growth and business goals.

Winnipeg Chapter Meeting March 10, 2005

Topic: Overcoming Immigrant Recruitment Barriers

Lynn Campbell, Coordinator-Language Training for Employment, MB Dept of Labour & Immigration

Christina Semaniuk, RPR, RAS, Vice President Human Resources, Cambrian Credit Union

Overcoming Immigrant Recruitment Barriers
With 10,000 immigrants arriving in Manitoba by 2008, how do we successfully integrate them in to our workforce? Come out to learn about the barriers, challenges and differences that employers need to know to increase the likelihood of success in attracting and retaining the right immigrant employees. Also, learn about one project of government and business working together to successfully integrate immigrants from 9 different countries in to the financial services industry.

This session will provide basic cross cultural training to assist you and your organization with:
• Learning the basics of intercultural communication challenges
• Identifying and understanding the language and cultural barriers
• Recognizing and identifying differences in academic credentials

Plus, share the experiences, challenges, and successes of a current joint business and government pilot project for training and integrating immigrants in to the financial services industry.

Overcoming Immigrant Recruitment Barriers

Lynn Campbell has over 20 years of hands on experience in working with second language English learners, locally and internationally. Lynn has taught Special Education, and has also been a teacher and coordinator of English as a Second Language (ESL) for the Winnipeg School Division. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and South America. Her travels also took her to working overseas which included teaching with CUSO in Africa for three years.

In her current position, Lynn is responsible for developing and implementing English culture & communication program related to business and professionals. These programs are designed to assist immigrants with the required skills to enter or enhance their employability in the Canadian workforce. She also works together with business in developing customized cross cultural training programs.

Christina Semaniuk has over 14 years of financial industry experience. She is currently responsible for providing leadership in the development and implementation of human resource strategies that include proactive recruitment and retention initiatives.

Christina has served as a marketing and human resources project specialist with the Canadian Co-operative Association in the Ukraine and Bahamas. She is a member of the Manitoba Ethnocultural Advisory and Advocacy Council (MEAAC) which provides advice to government on multicultural issues and advocates on behalf of Manitoba’s ethnocultural community and currently serves as the Manitoba Regional Director for IPM's Associations.

Winnipeg Chapter Meeting November 2, 2004

Topic: Employment Law: Reference Checks, Employer's Liability and More

Speaker: Mark Newman, LL.B., Partner, Fillmore Riley LLP, Winnipeg

Hot Updates in Employment Law
This session will explore today's hottest issues in Employment Law. Reference checking will be one of the highlights. We all do them- what else should we know about them? Are you obligated to provide references? Should you give one? When asked, how do you respond to the questions? The topics of reasonable notice and wrongful dismissal will also be covered. We'll examine the continuing impact and latest developments on Wallace vs. United Grain Growers. The issue of disability and termination will be another topic discussed. This is a minefield in itself. Every manager will benefit from this session- learn how to avoid needless litigation and the courts!

Mark Newman is a partner at Fillmore Riley and his extensive advocacy practice covers commercial law, employment law, labour law, municipal law and tax assessment litigation. He has appeared before all levels of court in Manitoba, the Supreme Court of Canada, Human Rights Commission Proceedings, Manitoba Labour Board, Municipal Board, Boards of Revision, Labour and Commercial Arbitrations and Inquests.

He attended the University of Manitoba where he obtained his Bachelor of Laws in 1978. He was admitted to the Manitoba Bar in 1979. Mark practices mainly in the areas of commercial litigation and labour and employment law and is a past member of The Standards Committee of The Law Society of Manitoba.

Winnipeg Half Day Workshop March 3, 2004

Topic: Employment Law - Today's Hottest Issues

Speaker: Darcie C. Yale, LL.B., Associate, D'Arcy & Deacon, Winnipeg

This vital Employment Law session will feature four key areas: Hiring and Employment, Performance Management, The Termination and Privacy Laws update.

With Hiring and Employment, we will cover: proper use of applications for employment, checking references, conducting personal investigations and making employment contracts enforceable. In the Performance Management segment, you will learn how to document effectively, get the latest information on progressive discipline and proper use of personnel files. We will also cover the issue of terminations, what are the notice periods, what impacts there are on benefits, the termination interview, the issue of “good faith obligation” and preparing termination letters and settlements. Lastly, we will discuss new developments with the Privacy laws, specifically pertaining to the workplace, as well as the impact on employment relationship. You’ll find out all about the latest cases and court settlements and how to avoid litigation in your own organization.
Every manager in any organization regardless of size will stand to benefit from this most informative workshop!

Darcie Yale obtained her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Manitoba in 1995. After articling with D'Arcy & Deacon, she received her call to the Bar in 1996 and has practiced with the firm since that time. Darcie is an integral part of the D'Arcy & Deacon litigation department practicing primarily in the areas of civil litigation and administrative law. Her practice includes insurance defence work, labour relations, pension matters and general litigation. Darcie has been a lecturer and participant in seminars on legal issues in health care, pension administration, administrative advocacy and a variety of labour relations and general litigation matters. Darcie has also been a volunteer member of various community and charitable organizations. Darcie is also a member of the Manitoba Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association and member of the Civil Litigation, Administrative Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution Subsections of the Manitoba Bar Association.

Winnipeg Chapter Meeting: October 1, 2003

Topic: Who Can You Trust-Building Employee Loyalty & Commitment

Speaker: Wendy Phaneuf, Managing Director, The Training Source, Winnipeg

Wendy Phaneufis Founder and Managing Director of The Training Source. Her diverser career includes directing Management Studies Programs for a Canadian University and leading the training effort for one of the country's largest financial services companies. In 1997, Wendy established her own training and coaching firm. She has assisted a diverse range of organizational leaders to dramatically improve their management effectiveness. She is an energetic speaker, trainer and facilitator with an extensive background in the field of Management and Leadership Development.

Changing demographics, competing loyalties and the war for talent are creating great challenges for organizations. Pressure is being placed on every manager to build progressive working environments that encourage and support employee growth and job satisfaction.

This interactive presentation will introduce key research that has linked specific management strategies with dramatic organizational results in the areas of staff retention and productivity, customer loyalty and organizational profitability.

Participants will be introduced to a simple tool that will help to assess their ability to foster a working environment that ensures high levels of employee engagement. Wendy will also discuss practical techniques to identify and nurture employee ability and to build higher levels of employee commitment and contribution.

Winnipeg Spring Half Day Workshop: February 26, 2003

Topic: Pizza, Foos Ball and the New Covenant: A Contemporary Understanding of Motivation

Speaker: Dr. Leigh Quesnel, Principal, HQS Consulting Services Inc., Winnipeg

Dr. Leigh Quesnel has been a leading organizational consultant for well over 20 years. Leigh has worked with small and large organizations in both the public and private sector, nationally and internationally. Dr. Quesnel has served numerous federal and provincial government departments and crown corporations. He had done extensive work in the private sector as well.

His current areas of study and interest include the evolution of management practices, managing surprise, workplace wellness, the changing meaning of work, creating corporate community, leadership, and motivation.

His work in organizations ranges from hands on consulting with senior management to the development of management and employee training programs. Dr. Quesnel also spends a significant amount of time training and educating in organizations, and he is often engaged as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator across the country.

The recent focus on the number of employees dropping out and leaving our organizations risks minimizing the attention paid to those employees that stay in. Unfortunately, many of those employees are dropping out and staying in. While they don't leave our organizations, they drop out, their commitment and enthusiasm fades and along with that full contribution required to ensure, not only effective organizational process, but the satisfaction of a job well done and the sense of having made a significant contribution. This concern extends to employees of all generations.

While the cost of replacing employees that leave is substantial, the cost of living with the employees that stay in and drop out is far greater. How do you avoid the creation of a toxic workplace? What are your employees looking for in the context of the workplace? They want much more than pizza and Foos Ball games in the lounge. Motivation has always required that we hire for what we want while in return providing what the employees want.

What is involved in motivating today's workforce? What is the new covenant? This session will explore the concept of the new convenant, strategies for developing it and the leadership required to implement it. Managers of organizations of every size will stand to benefit from this most dynamic presentation.

Winnipeg Chapter Meeting: May 16, 2002

Topic: Cultural Mismatch: How to Improve Hiring Success Rates

Speaker: Randy Oler, Vice President, Business Development, DBM Canada

Randy Oler started his career as a consultant and hands-on manager in the aerospace, publishing, telemarketing, computer and automotive industries. His diversified 25+ year career service includes senior management positions in human resources, sales and marketing. Oler holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University in Utah and is a graduate of the University of Calgary's Executive Development Program. He served as co-chair of a successful industry/government trades training initiative and has been advisor for several skill-training committees. Having lived across Canada, the U.S. and Australia, he brings an international wealth of knowledge and experience to his present practice.

Work pace. Decision-making. Responsibility. Authority. Relationships. Communication. These are just some of the components that are key to a job's culture. If your human resources and management team know how to identify and recognize these elements, your organization will be able to make better matches between candidates and jobs. You will learn to use eight criteria to define cultural fit and apply this knowledge to improve hiring success rates as well as increase employee satisfaction and retention, and reduce turnover and staff. Every organization regardless of size or number of employees will benefit from this most informative session!

Winnipeg Spring Half Day Workshop: May 16, 2002

Topic: How to Motivate Your Employees Without Increasing Existing Budgets, Marketing and Managing Your Disability Management Services

Speaker: Kevin McFadden, Partner, Sigurdson, McFadden & Associates, Winnipeg. Jeff Curtis, Director of Human Resources, MTS Communications, Winnipeg

Kevin McFadden, B. Comm, CLU, graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1990. McFadden has spent eleven years in the benefit and pension marketplace specializing in consulting for companies on efficient plan design and operation. McFadden is co-founder and Partner with Sigurdson, McFadden & Associates and has worked with organizations of all sizes pertaining to benefits and pension consulting as well as internal communications.

Jeff Curtis has over 20 years of experience in the field of disability management, case management, vocational rehabilitation, claims adjudication and administration, and end-to-end human resources management. Curtis is currently the Director of Human Resources for MTS Communications, leading the delivery of human resources or "people" management for the MTS family of companies. Curtis has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Manitoba as well as certificates in counselling skills, vocational evaluation and social research from the Universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg and Stout-Wisconsin. Prior to joining MTS, Curtis held positions with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba and has co-authored several books and publications in the field of disability management.

Thinking about providing a disability management program in your organization? Do you want to ensure that you are utilizing best practices for your existing program? This session will provide you with the an overview of all the key areas to examine from selling the idea to executive management, how disability or return to work coordination aligns with overall wellness and the "employee satisfaction-customer loyalty-profitability" chain. You will also learn the values, policies, processes and procedures from a program already in place with Manitoba Telecom Services that has developed a "Return to Work for Ill or Injured Employees Program" which embodies accepted best practices and has received provincial and national recognition.

In today's economic times, it is becoming most difficult to attract, retain and motivate top performers. How could your organization create value in your employees' eyes? This session will explore ways in which to enhance the appreciation of existing company benefits without increasing existing expenditures. We will look at Canada's Top 100 Employers and share ideas on how those successful companies attract and retain the best people. Every organization regardless of size will benefit from this most informative session!

Register three (3) participants from the same organization at the same time and a fourth participant attends FREE of charge.

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