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IPM's Management Encyclopedia is Canada's first and only online management reference tool. It provides step-by-step How To's for routine management tasks. Need to conduct a performance review? No problem. Just click on the topic. You will also get in-depth related articles. Put the power of the Encyclopedia directly into the hands of your staff when these skills are needed. If your training budget is tight, this is the way to go. Take a moment and find out for yourself how the Management Encyclopedia works. Click here for a free preview ...

"IPM's Associations provide great networking opportunities for HR and management industry professionals on a variety of employer-conscious related topics."
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IPM is a certified educational body registered with HRSDC, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and has offered nationally recognized management training and development programs since 1984.

June 2016 Edition

Benefits of Vacation
The pace of work has never been greater and the pressure never more intense. Yet millions of Canadians just can’t tear themselves away from work long enough for a holiday... Click Here.

Develop Leaders
Every year in Canada and the United States companies and organizations spend untold billions on leadership training. But you cannot actually train people to become leaders, you have to develop them... Click Here.

Great Coaches
If you keep a small goldfish in a little bowl it will stay small. Move that same fish to a large aquarium and it will double or triple in size. Good coaches see and grow the potential in people... Click Here.

Aging Employees
The rights of aging workers are protected by law. But how can you respectfully and legally deal with aging employees who refuse to voluntarily retire in spite of flagging abilities?... Click Here.

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