TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016
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Vacation Benefits Body & Brain

The pace of work has never been greater and the pressure never more intense. Yet millions of Canadians just can’t tear themselves away from work long enough for a holiday. In fact, about 25% of us don’t even take all the vacation we are entitled to in any given year. According to a recent survey, people said that they were too busy at work to take a break, they couldn’t afford to, or they found it too stressful to go away on vacation. But people should be rethinking their strategies about not taking a regular vacation. Taking a break has significant benefits for both your body and your brain.

Leadership: Learning From Mistakes
Every year in North America, organizations spend billions on leadership training. The problem is, you cannot actually train people to become leaders, you have to develop them.

7 Attributes of Extraordinary Coaches
If you keep a small goldfish in a little bowl it will stay small. Move that same fish to a large aquarium and it will double or triple in size. Good coaches see and grow the potential in people.

Aging Employees Who Don’t Want to Retire
The rights of aging workers are protected by law. But how can you respectfully and legally deal with aging employees who refuse to voluntarily retire in spite of flagging abilities?

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Workplace Safety Addressed at Events Across Canada

Fed. Gov't. Tables Historic Human Rights Protections

Start-Up Visa Continues to Grow

Job Creation Not Keeping Up With Labour Force Growth

Over 50% of Canadian Leaders Don’t Feel Equipped to Address Today’s Human Capital Challenges

Thinking Globally Could Improve Canada's Innovation Performance

Timing May Be Everything When it Comes to Landing a Job

Survey Reveals Biggest Challenge For New Managers



BC: Nurses and Health Employers Ratify Agreement

AB: Government to Ensure Consistency in Executive Compensation

AB: Alberta to Consult On Minimum Wage

MB: Creating Job Opportunities for Youth in Winnipeg

MB: Statistics Canada Reports Manitoba Has Second-Lowest Unemployment Rate in Canada

ON: Ministry of Labour Must Act Now to Protect Health Care Workers From Violence

ON: ORPP Addresses Retirement Income Crisis

NB: Legislation Tabled to Make Tuition Free for Low-Income and Middle-Class Families

This Month
Happy to be ‘Old School’
It may be considered ‘old school’, but I like the people who work for me to know where I stand.

Leadership Development: Learning From Our Mistakes
As most companies have realized much too late, you cannot actually train people to become leaders, you have to develop them.
Take a Break: Your Body and Your Brain Will Thank You
The pace of work has never been greater yet many Canadians don’t take all the vacation they are entitled to.

Emailed Letter of Offer Constitutes Binding Employment Contract
The email met the requirements for an employment contract that superseded the later employment agreement.
Management Does Not Have to Involve Union in Accommodation Requests
An arbitrator’s decision that a union has the right to be involved in accommodation requests has been overturned.”
Cleaner Awarded $5,000 for Pregnancy Discrimination
The employer knew the woman’s pregnancy was a reason for missing work when she terminated her.

7 Attributes of Extraordinary Coaches
Outstanding coaches see people as they could be and work to grow that potential.
None of Us are Smarter than All of Us: Collaborative Leadership from A to Z
As organizations move toward more collaborative cultures, a new leadership model is emerging – one that replaces command and control with trust and inclusion.

Shop Talk
Post-Secondary Institutions Need to do a Better Job at Arming Graduates With Employability Skills
A new report suggests that Canadian post-secondary institutions need to do a better job at matching their education programs to labour market needs.
How to Deal With Aging Employees Who Don’t Want to Retire
What to do with aging employees who refuse to voluntarily retire in spite of flagging abilities?

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