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Managing a Unionized Workplace

Outside of the public sector which continues to be highly unionized, the rest of the Canadian economy has long been moving to a primarily non-unionized workforce. Today over 70% of teachers, nurses and other public sector workers in schools, hospitals and crown corporations are members of a union. While amongst all other parts of the economy, that number drops to just 16% of private companies and corporations. Despite this societal change and the overall downward spiral of unions, hundreds of workplaces, in both the public and private sector unionize each year.

Creating a Learning Organization
One of the keys to developing such an organization is to foster a learning environment by building a learning element into all aspects of work on a daily basis.

What Leads to Workplace Happiness?
Happiness at work varies by an employee's age, gender and field, among other factors, according to a new comprehensive study of Canadian and U.S. workers.

Preventing Overtime Liabilities
Do you believe in letting your employees do their work on their own, without monitoring it or how long they take to do it? If so, then you may want to reconsider your laissez-faire approach.

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Improvements to Express Entry on the Way

Women and Persons with Disabilities Being Left Behind on CPP Expansion

Fed. Gov’t. Investing in Healthy and Active Lifestyles in the Workplace

First Responders Fight to Establish the Presumption that PTSD is an Occupational Stress Injury

Gender Parity Improves Profitability, Workplace Culture and Benefits the Economy at Large – PwC Report

New Canadian journalism award shines spotlight on workplace mental health

Indigenous Works to Foster Corporate-Indigenous Partnerships

Canada's Top 100 Employers' for 2017 Announced

Wellness at work

The Retirement Balancing Act: Small Changes Help Savings Last For Life

WWF-Canada Recognizes Corporate Conservation Champions for 2016



BC: New Study Looks at Labour Demands for Cooks And Chefs

SK: Amendment Supports Workers Experiencing Psychological Injuries

ON: Ontario Working to Close Gender Wage Gap

ON: Life and Health Insurance Industry Applauds Ontario Adoption of PRPPs

NB: Amendments to WorkSafeNB legislation and policies

This Month
Doing More on Workplace Wellness
The next wave of workplace wellness is focusing on prevention and mental health and wellness.

Managing in a Unionized Environment
If unions are in decline, why are these workers voting to pay part of their salary to an outside organization to look after them?
Creating a Learning Organization
In a learning organization, training becomes an integral part of the regular tasks that make up the jobs.

Fired Manager Who Became a Cashier Had Met Duty to Mitigate
Her new ‘substantially inferior’ position meant that she didn’t have to give up those earnings, the judge ruled.
Employer Told to Change its Approach to Customer Complaints on Social Media
The employer’s Twitter account violated employees’ right to a harassment-free workplace, an arbitrator found.
Childless Teacher Wasn’t Discriminated Against by Employer Child Benefit
Differential treatment alone does not amount to discrimination, a tribunal found.

What Are the Top Drivers of Workplace Happiness?
A study of Canadian and U.S. Workers reveals the happiest and unhappiest by field, gender, company size and other factors.
Management Practices Can Reduce Mental Health Claim Rates
Researchers have identified 5 management practices that can help companies lower mental health and disability claim rates.

Shop Talk
Holiday Gift-Giving Guide: Office Edition
Canadian managers feel workplace holiday presents are appropriate, reveal inappropriate examples
Preventing Overtime Liabilities
Employers, you may unknowingly be incurring enormous future overtime liabilities to your most zealous employees.

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