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Collaboration at the Top

Collaboration in the C-Suite is one of the most talked about topics on management websites and in business school classrooms. Why? Simply put, it’s because today there are more bodies and positions at the corporate executive table than ever. And it appears that not everybody is singing from the same hymnbook on a wide range of issues. To illustrate that fact, the 2018 Deloitte Human Capital Trends report found that C-Suite collaboration was the number one human capital issue identified by 51% of 11,000 respondents in their worldwide survey. The Deloitte report went on to say that they found high-level executives were working in silos and not communicating with other senior managers with any substance or regularity.

Managing Conflict at Work
Conflict is something that often arises at work and while many people feel that conflict is either a necessary evil or even a tool to encourage competition, today’s managers have to ensure that they keep a handle on conflict, and not let it go too far.

The Key to Building an Agile Organization
Workers are more adaptive and optimistic about the future than their leaders recognize -- and more eager to embrace change and learn new skills than their employers give them credit for

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Romance in the Workplace
New study reveals a need for clarity surrounding office relationship policies; nearly half of Canadians in a workplace relationship kept it secret.


Fed. Gov’t Supports Program to Help Construction Workers Quit Smoking

Canada's First Federal Accessibility Legislation Receives Royal Assent

Supporting the Next Generation of Middle Class Workers

Helping Young Canadians Make Their Mark In Skilled Trades And Technology Fields

Canada Increases Support For Indigenous Entrepreneurs and Businesses in International Trade to Help Create Well-paying Jobs for the Middle Class

Minister Morneau Concludes G20 Meeting With Renewed Commitment to Equality and Shared Growth

Government Takes Next Step in Support of Canada's Steel Industry and Its Workers

Canada to Empower Visible Minority Newcomer Women

Study Shows Mental Health Improvements as a Result of EAP Programs

Fed. Gov’t. Invests in Innovative Ideas Of Early Career Researchers

Unemployment Rate Hits Record



SK: 14,300 More Jobs In May

SK: Saskatchewan’s Minimum Wage Increase To Take Effect In October

MB:Government Proposes Amendments to the Pension Benefits Act

MB: Province Launches Innovation Growth Program, Delivers Funding To Economic Development Partners

NB: Changes to Program Promoting Women In Skilled Trades Deemed a Success

PE: Fed. and Prov. Agreements to Help Canadians Prepare for Future of Work

AB: Ensuring Fairness for Newcomers

This Month
Feed Your Enthusiasm
Enthusiastic employees are a company’s most powerful asset.

Collaboration at the Top
Executives are rarely seen working together, say three quarters of survey respondents.
Managing Conflict at Work
Other than declaring a ceasefire, managers have a few tools at their disposal when resolving conflicts.

Plumber Wins Defamation Suit After Being Terminated for Side Jobs
His former boss wrongly told employees he had been fired for stealing money from the company.
Workplace Assault Does Not Automatically Trigger OHS Protection
A nightclub dancer assaulted at work was not automatically protected by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
Employer Had No Duty to Accommodate “Totally Disabled” Employee
The employee did not provide medical evidence requested by the employer before terminating him.

This is Critical to Building an Agile, Change Adaptive Organization
Are you underestimating and failing to engage key change drivers in your organization?
Reports Explore How Technology Could Disrupt Work, Employment, and the Economy
Two government studies lay out plausible future scenarios for a new digital economy.

Shop Talk
Number of Working Canadians Who Need Time Off for Disability on the Rise
About half of working Canadians say they would have liked to have taken time off work for a disability but felt they couldn't afford it.
Romance in the Workplace: It's Happening, But is it Allowed?
New study reveals need for clarity surrounding office relationship policies; nearly half of Canadians in a workplace relationship kept it secret.

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