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Ethics in the Workplace

There are some good reasons why so many Canadian companies are instituting their own workplace ethics programs. In some cases, they want to protect themselves from liability and lawsuits. Other businesses want to have the reputation of always being above board in their dealings with the public. Still others feel that it is important to have a set of guidelines for everyone who works for, or deals with, their organization because it is simply the right thing to do.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace
There are many good reasons to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace. Some of these are moral and legal imperatives, but there are also practical and even financial reasons doing this.

9 Reasons Leaders Aren’t Leading
No cultural shift can take place without leaders to guide and model the changes or without training and information to support the employees through it.

How to Make Organizational Values Come Alive
Strong, shared values turn an organization into a kind of hologram, in which every part contains enough information in condensed form to describe the whole.


Canadian Organizations Have a Role to Play in Helping Employees Balance Work and Eldercare Obligations

NAFTA Talks: Scrap High-Profile Protectionist Policies or Risk the Trade Deal

NAFTA Talks Must Help Workers, Strengthen Cooperation

Morneau Shepell Survey Shows Salaries Expected to Increase By 2.3% in 2018

Canadian CFOs: Not Involved in Shaping Corporate Culture

Time is Money: Nearly Half of Workers Would Take Extra Vacation Time over a Pay Raise



BC: Health and Safety Resources for Wildfire Season

AB: Review to Examine Workplace Health and Safety

AB: Province's OHS Review Welcome, Long Overdue

MB: Prov. Makes Progress Toward Offering Pooled Registered Pension Plans

ON: 185,000 Ontario Jobs at Risk from Bill 148: Independent Economic Impact Analysis

ON: Ontario Improving Training for Workers in the Culture Sector

PE: Youth Introduced To Construction Careers as Industry Booms

NL: Prov. Calls for Expressions of Interest to Help Newcomers Secure Employment in their Fields

This Month
No Way
Some HR ideas are more gimmick than great.

Why Ethics in the Workplace are Important
Organizations that develop a solid workplace ethics program and stick to it can improve their image in the community and strengthen their customer and client relationships.
Changing the Channel: Creating an Inclusive Workplace
No cultural shift can take place without leaders to guide and model the changes or without training and information to support the employees through it.

Terminated Employee Had No Right to Bonus, Court Rules
The contract was clear: “No employment, no vesting, no bonus,” an appeal court judge wrote.
Adjudicators Must Consider Progressive Discipline, Judge Rules
A federal judge has ordered a wrongful dismissal claim readjudicated because there was no progressive discipline.
Ill Will, Not Age, Was Cause of Termination, Tribunal Finds
An artistic director’s refusal to retire as he agreed to was behind his termination.

9 Reasons Leaders Aren’t Leading
Company leaders shouldn’t let their leadership skills go to waste.
Professionals in for a Retreat? Not Likely
Survey: Only 5% of Canadian firms holds corporate retreats, potentially missing key benefits

Shop Talk
I Quit and Now I Regret It
New polls suggest workers may benefit from reviewing their options and addressing dissatisfaction before changing jobs.
How to Make Organizational Values Come Alive
Individual employees can help exemplify an organization’s core values.

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