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Shifting Your Corporate Culture

What exactly is a corporate culture anyway? There are many definitions but one of the clearest is that corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how an organization or company's employees and management deal with how business transactions are handled both inside and outside the business. It gets embodied in company policy and procedures and operationalized in things like Human Resource practices and in how employees, customers and clients are treated by the business. Today, the idea of corporate culture and how to shape it is a major focus.

Going Green at Work and at Home
There are lots of good reasons to be more environmentally sensitive at work. It will certainly be better for the planet, but it will also be good for your health and even for your bottom line.

Employee Engagement is Key for Success
Employee Engagement is key for any organization’s long-term success and the best way to measure it is through communications. How do you know if an employee is happy to be part of your team? How do you know if they feel supported, respected and valued?

Most Canadians Say their Employer has Supported their Mental Health during Pandemic
As the world approaches one year of navigating COVID-19, new research shows that 68% of employed Canadians have felt supported by their employers throughout the pandemic.


Minister of Labour Discusses Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Project

Canada Launches Hong Kong Pathway that will Attract Recent Skilled Workers

Fed. Gov’t. to Increase Number of Weeks for COVID-19 Benefits

Fed. Gov’t. Invests in Training to for Certification in the Skilled Trades

Fed. Gov’t. Invests in Helping Youth Facing Barriers to Work

Fed. Gov’t. Temporarily Waives the One-Week Waiting Period for EI Claims

Top Employers Balance Work and Family During the Pandemic



BC: WorkSafeBC Launches Info Campaign on Health and Safety During the Pandemic

AB: $465 million for Province’s Critical Workers

MB: Supports for EIA Recipients Facing Employment Barriers

ON: Education Campaign to Help Workplaces Reopen Safely

ON: Province Deploys Rapid Tests to More Essential Workplaces and Settings

ON: Increasing Economic Development and Job Creation in the North

NS: Province Invests in Female Entrepreneurs

PE: Training Facility Will Help Grow Skilled Workforce

This Month
Measuring Success in a Virtual World
If it wasn’t hard enough before, welcome to the world of remote performance management.

8 Ways to Shift Your Corporate Culture
Do you know what your corporate culture is - and if it’s working?
Going Green at Work and at Home
You’ve probably already started being environmentally positive, but here are some of the basics. And some things you probably never thought of when it comes to going green.

Supreme Court Upholds Ontario Ruling on Termination Clause Enforceability
The lower court ruling has had a “profound effect” on employers’ termination clauses, lawyers say.
Dismissed Reporter Had Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
An arbitrator reinstated a reporter fired for criticizing his employer on social media.
Man Awarded Nearly $1 Million Because of Racial Discrimination
Among other things, he was called a “lazy black man” by a supervisor.

Employee Engagement is Key for Success
Facilitate a culture where the voice of everyone can be heard. This will help your decision-making and positively impact employee engagement.
Over Half of Indigenous Peoples in Canada are On Guard to Experiences of Bias
Leaders can positively influence experiences of Indigenous employees

Shop Talk
Industry Trends and Employee Attitudes Are Driving Automation In Canada
Skills training is desperately needed as one in five Canadian workers vulnerable to automation,
Two Thirds of Canadians Say their Employer has Supported their Mental Health during Pandemic
New research also demonstrates many value workplace flexibility over financial support.

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