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Employee Engagement in 2019

Everybody knows that engaged employees are happier, healthier and contribute to more productive and successful enterprises and organizations. The definition may vary from business to business, but the underlying principles will likely always be the same. In an organization where employees are fully engaged, there is trust between management and employees and two-way communication channels to let ideas filter up and down. There is also a sense of shared ownership, if not in the profit, then in the well-being of both the employees and the organization in equal measure.If you want to improve your level of employee engagement, and this would be the vast majority of companies and organizations, then here are some ways that you can make that happen.

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6 Top HR trends for 2019
If something has been on the radar for the last 10 years, can it still be a trend for 2019? When it comes to things like improving employee engagement and recruiting top talent it can.

Strongest Job Prospects in 2019
Slow but steady gains in employment are anticipated by Canadian employers over the next three months, with a favourable hiring climate for job seekers in the first quarter of 2019.

Plan for Rising Healthcare Costs
While 57% of Canadian employers plan to hire more staff in 2019, that growth could become a financial burden because employers will now bear additional healthcare costs.



Legislation to Better Protect Workers and Support Good Quality Jobs Receives Royal Assent

Historic Proactive Pay Equity Legislation Receives Royal Assent

Canada's Progress on Gender Equality At a Standstill

New Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women to Help Get Certified in Trades

Canada Summer Jobs 2019 Application Season Kicks Off



BC: Reducing Asbestos Risks for Workers, Public and Environment

SK: WorkSafe Sask., University of Fredericton Partner to Support Workplace Psychological Health

MB: Province Launches New Online Course to Prepare Youth For Entering Job Market

ON: Prov. Gov’t. Cutting Red Tape to Help Create Jobs

NB: Fed/Prov. Gov’ts Announce Agreements to Give Workers the Tools They Need to Find and Keep Good Jobs

NL: Province to Have Strongest Economic Growth Among the Provinces in 2019

This Month
The Vision Thing
Everything starts with a concept and idea. But that has to be expanded into a vision to be successful.

6 Top HR trends for 2019
Cannabis, the still-growing Me Too movement and new technologies and analytics remain top HR trends for 2019.
Tips for Improving Employee Engagement
In an organization where employees are fully engaged, There is also a sense of shared ownership in the well-being of both the employees and the organization.

Ex-Employee Allowed to Sue for Sexual Harassment Despite Signing Release
Sexual harassment and the employment relationship “are clearly separate matters,” the Court said.
Quebec Court Upholds Labour Code Ban on Managers Unionizing
There is nothing stopping managers from negotiating working conditions with their employer, the court ruled.
Plumber Terminated for Disability and Family Status
The employer laid off the man in part because he was single and did not have to provide for a family.

Q1 2019: Job Prospects Strongest in the Transportation & Public Utilities Sector
Slow but steady gains in employment are anticipated by Canadian employers over the next three months.
Employers Boost Salaries to Attract New Talent
Ninth annual Hays Salary Guide reveals plans to hire but job market pressure mounts

Shop Talk
Employees Demanding Virtual Healthcare to Bypass Barriers to Traditional Care
2 in 3 Canadians — and even more millennials, parents — want employers to provide virtual care benefits
Most Employers Lack Strategy to Manage Rising Healthcare Costs
Employers will bear additional healthcare costs, but most don't have an effective strategy for managing these costs.

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