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What is Your Corporate Culture?

There are many different styles and approaches to corporate culture. Some of the most common include: Team or Family, Innovation or Risk Taking, Market or Competitive, or Structured or Controlled cultures. Itís nice to know what style of corporate culture your organization has developed, but it might be even better to know if it actually works to achieve what you want.

Welcome Aboard: On-boarding New Employees
There are three distinct phases to successfully onboarding a new employee. They are before they arrive, just after they show up for work, and the first few months of their new career. Here are some best practices for each of those phases.

How to Build a Company Culture That Matters
Organizational culture is being talked about a lot more now as businesses realize its importance in attracting and retaining the right people. We often see perks related to lifestyle and

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Employee Reference Letters and the Law
Does your organization have a general policy of refusing to provide former employees with reference letters? If so, then it is high-time that you rethink it.


Momentum Builds for Domestic Violence Leave in Workplace Contracts - Steelworkers

Canada Summer Jobs 2017 Application Period for Employers Extended

Fed. Govít. Improves Accessibility for Canadians With Disabilities Within Their Workplaces and Communities

Governments, Seize the Day for Better Mental Health

CIBC Introduces New Initiative to Support Employment For Canadians Living With a Disability

Manulife Employees in Canada Receive $10,000 Per Year in Mental Health Benefits

Recognizing Tomorrow's Disruptors Today: Winners of the 2017 "Canada's Top Employers for Young People"



BC: The BC Jobs Plan Showcases 5 Years of Growth

BC: Premier Tasks Santa Ono to Establish Innovation Network

AB: Research grants support safe, healthy workplaces

SK: Workers' Compensation Act Amended to Support Workers with Psychological Injuries

ON: Workers and Advocates Welcome Changes to WSIB drug policy

NS: Government Works to Improve Health Care Workplace Safety

This Month
People v Machine
Machines can give us answers, but only if people, like Human Resource professionals, know the right questions to ask.

Does Your Corporate Culture Deliver?
You and your organization are the attitudes that you hold and the behaviours that you exhibit. That is your corporate culture.
Welcome Aboard: Best Practices in On-boarding New Employees
Successful on-boarding is key to retaining happy and productive employees.

Employer Had the Right to Provide Minimum Notice in Termination
The employment contract clause limiting notice to what employment standards require was enforceable.
Machine Operator Needed Driverís Licence for the Job
The employer could require a logging skidder operator to be able to drive on public roads, an arbitrator found.
Employer Did Not Discriminate Against Most-Qualified Candidate
Race was deemed not a factor in hiring a less-qualified candidate who scored higher in an interview and presentation.

How to Build a Company Culture That Matters to Employees
The culture of an organization encompasses the values, beliefs, behaviors and feelings held by its people. And whether youíve taken steps to define it or not, culture exists.
Employers Not Planning for CPP Reform, Survey
Survey suggests less than half of employers will plan for CPP reform in 2017,

Shop Talk
Organizational Change Linked To Physical and Mental Health Sick Leave
Two thirds of Canadian employees have experienced an organizational change at their current workplace; among them 40% say it negatively affected their health and well-being
Employee Reference Letters: Is It Safer to Provide Them or to Refuse Them?
Itís high-time to rethink your organizationís policy of refusing to provide reference letters.

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