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Internal Communications

A few years ago, the IABC published a series of articles based on their research into workplace communications. They were particularly interested in the connection between leadership and communication and peer-to-peer conversations, and their impact on learning in the workplace. What they found was that these internal communications were a powerful tool to not just share ideas but to help facilitate change. When learning was nurtured in companies and organizations through effective communications between leaders and their employees, these companies increased their capacity to change and gained a competitive edge on other organizations.

Building a Better Organization
There are many different ways to set up your organizational structure, but almost all systems and approaches have a number of common factors that you should consider. Here are questions to consider as you make that important decision.

7 Leadership Team Failure Factors
In our work with culture development we can see a variation of leadership modelling; people in organizations act like their leader. An organization’s culture ripples out from the team leading it.

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3 Crucial Skills For Leading Without Authority
The goal of leadership without authority is to get others to willingly cooperate and engage, rather than following directives because you’re the boss.


G20 Ministers Meet on Building More Inclusive and Diverse Workforces

Apprentices Get Help With Training & Getting Certified Thanks to Fed. Gov’t. Program

Canadian Employers Need Longer Term Workforce Planning to Stay Competitive

Canadian Leaders Need to Prepare Now for the Future, yet They Do Not Feel Ready, Study

Great-West Life Renews Funding For CMHA

Health Care System Sustainability a Key Concern as Canadians Get Older

32 Cdn. Organizations Shortlisted for Inaugural Employee Recommended Workplace Award

University Of Fredericton Launches Online Course to Enhance Resiliency, Help Students Cope With Stress

Retention Red Flags: Many Employers Missing the Warning Signs



AB: Employment Training gets Albertans Back to Work

AB: More Summer Jobs Created for Alberta Students

ON: GE Peterborough Workers Exposed to Thousands of Toxic Chemicals

ON: Putting Good Jobs in a Precarious Situation

ON: Implementation is Key to Success of Workplace Violence Report: OPSEU

ON: WSIB Has New Way to Measure Workplace Health and Safety

NB: Summit on Employment And Entrepreneurship For People With a Disability

NB: Task Force, Auditor General to Examine Workers’ Compensation

NL: Prov. Gov’t. Announces Projects to Help Newcomers Secure Employment in their Fields

This Month
Live Long and Prosper
Medical advances will continue to help us live and age longer and better, so why shouldn’t they help us work longer as well?

Improving Internal Communications
Internal communications is a powerful tool to not just share ideas but to help facilitate change.
Strategic Organizational Design: Building a Better Organization
When all the systems that make up an organization are working well, so too is the organization.

Police Officer Awarded $100,000 in Damages for Harassment
The decision clarifies that an employee may sue an employer for harassment—something that has been difficult to do.
Union Does Not Have Right to Consultation on All Accommodation Requests
An arbitrator’s decision that a union must know about all medical disability accommodation requests was overturned.
Employer Ordered to Offer Epileptic Nurse a Position
The nurse was turned down for a job because her epilepsy meant she couldn’t work night or rotating shifts.

7 Leadership Team Failure Factors
What the leadership team does overshadows what its leaders are saying. What example is your team providing?
Companies Helping Employees Hit the Books
Survey: Nearly 4 in 10 Canadian Firms Boosting Training Budgets

Shop Talk
I Don't Get by With a Little Help From My Friends
Survey reveals who gives the worst career advice: friends and parents top the list
3 Crucial Skills For Leading Without Authority
The goal of leadership without authority is to get others to willingly cooperate and engage, rather than following directives because you’re the boss.

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