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Acquire the skills you need to recruit, manage and supervise in today's changing workplace. Attain credits and certificates towards professional accreditation and recognition that will help you grow and thrive in your career. Discover the latest legal tools and best practices that will equip you to manage effectively. Maximize your training dollars and learn at your own pace through our cost-effective Mixed Media USB, Text Based USB and online options.

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The complete Mixed Media USB Program is NOW available for a one-time reduced rate of $845 plus GST or HST for all orders received and paid for by December 31, 2023! (Regular cost for the program: $945 Save $100 by ordering NOW!)

RPR designation is now worth 25 CPD credits

RPR designation is worth 10 points towards the AR (Alternate Route) point system.

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Module 1
Reduce the Cost of Hiring
Standardize your recruitment practices
  • Acquire the skills to analyze jobs and write comprehensive position profiles
  • Learn how to develop a recruitment plan with internal searches, online recruiting, social media platforms, applicant tracking systems and third-party recruiters
  • Learn what's involved in hiring foreign workers
  • Develop a sourcing policy that is fully defendable and will avoid internal grievances or external human rights challenges
  • Improve the power of your recruitment advertising and the use of social media to attract the best applicants
  • Discover how to develop a resume scoring model to shortlist internal and external resumes and justify who gets the interview
  • Look at ways to improve recruitment communications that will ensure a positive corporate image and positive future relations with all parties involved
  • Learn how to easily prepare recruitment statistics and the recruitment method analysis to save time, effort and impact the bottom line
  • Maximize your understanding of basic project management techniques for quick and efficient recruitment campaigns
  • Learn how to develop a template for the pre-screening interview questionnaire
  • Discover how exit interviews can validate your recruitment practices and how to do a full recruitment audit to determine whether your efforts actually provide the optimum results
Module 2
Improve Hiring Accuracy
Lower the risk of bad hiring decisions
  • Discover the deficiencies of the traditional interview
  • Acquire the skills to develop effective questioning techniques
  • Learn how to develop behavioural interview questions to assess the competencies and skills of the applicant to test for attitudes, values and beliefs
  • Find out how to develop interview questions to assess the competencies and skills of the applicant
  • Discover the six powerful steps for conducting an objective interview
  • Gain a better understanding of group interviews and how to conduct them without intimidating job applicants
  • Acquire the skills to interpret and score applicant responses
  • Learn how to document your preference of one applicant over another and defend your selection when challenged
  • Look at developing or improving your present Employee Onboarding Program

Module 3
Avoid Needless Litigation
Know and understand employment law
  • Learn how to conduct reference checks without fear of libel and slander and identify the impact of privacy laws on the recruitment process
  • Learn about contract laws and how to avoid needless lawsuits, contract disputes and union and non-union grievances
  • Find out why probationary employees can successfully sue your organization
  • Discover the grounds leading to wrongful and constructive dismissal and improve discipline policies
  • Understand legal constraints and restrictive covenants
  • Review Employment Standards Legislation and how to ensure your letters of offer don't violate them
  • Examine the areas of Labour Relations, Occupational Health & Safety and Workers Compensation legislation to ensure that your policies and contracts comply
  • Examine Human Rights and learn how to avoid any challenges in each step of the recruitment process
  • Learn about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and how to develop an effective program to meet the needs of any organization
  • Find out about the Duty to Accommodate and the talent acquisition process

More Details:

This program shows recruiters and hiring managers how to reduce recruitment costs, lower the risk of erroneous hiring decisions and avoid needless litigation. IPM is a Canadian certified educational body registered with ESDC, Employment and Social Development Canada, offering nationally recognized accreditation programs across Canada for over 35 years. IPM is also the Publisher of Workplace Today® Journal (formerly known as HR Today® Journal).

Added bonus: If you have other colleagues within your organization who wish to take the program, IPM will allow up to nine(9) other participants to share the initial USB Flash Drive all they have to do is purchase additional workbooks and exams at the cost of $89.00 plus GST/HST.

Successful completion of all 3 Modules of this program makes you eligible for membership in the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada APRC, with the RPR (Registered Professional Recruiter) designation.

How to Buy
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Shipping & Handling Flat Fee: $23.00 plus HST/GST will be added to all Mixed Media USB Flash Drive orders, Workbook orders and USB Flash Drive orders for all IPM programs. Additional shipping charges will apply to orders shipped outside of Canada.

NEW: Mixed Media USB Version: includes USB Flash Drive, participant workbook and exam. The complete package costs $845 plus GST/HST instead of $945.

Special offer valid only until December 31, 2023.

NOTE: We will allow up to nine other participants from the same organization to share this version. Each additional participant must purchase a workbook and exam at the cost of $89.00 plus HST.

Technical requirements: Compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX and require a USB port.

Time limit to complete program: One(1) year from date of purchase. Average time for completion: 22 to 26 hours total, including writing the open book exam.

Important Info:
Self Study Options
All self study options contain the complete program material. There is an exam sent with the material. Once you complete the program, submit the examination responses in note or bullet form along with a membership application to the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada and your first year's membership fees of $175.00 plus HST to become eligible for the professional RPR designation, plus the host of other benefits listed on our website.

NOTE: All orders processed within 5 business days of receipt of payment with order form.