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Law - Features
Avoid Liability In Dismissal Policies
Workers' Compensation Principles
Struck Work Can Be Performed By Contractors
Labour Boards Get Tough On Union And Employer Practices
Maintain Positive Relations In A Non-Union Environment
Canada's Labour Unions
Union Rep Loses Grievance
Non-union Workers Have Union Status For Dismissals
Union Activity Is Very Much Alive In B.C.
Avoid Problems With The Labour Relations Board
Newfoundland And Saskatchewan Get Tough On Violators
Keep Abreast Of Changes To Employment Standards
Employees Should Weigh The Decision To Quit Their Jobs
Employee Loses Bonus Pay Because Rights Not Established
Exercise Caution When Disciplining Staff
Employer Must Meet Criteria For Dismissal For Incompetence
Adjudication And Disciplinary Records
Employer Must Meet Criteria For A Just Dismissal
Many Perks Considered Part Of Employment Contract
Loss Of Seniority For Absences Is Discrimination
Employers Have An Ongoing Obligation To Retired Employees
Court Outraged By Conduct Of Employer Towards Worker
Does An Employee Have To Accept A Lower Position?
Constructive Dismissal
Job References: A Legal Minefield
Arbitrator Explains Cases Involving 'Just Cause'
Credibility In Hiring Procedures Is Key In Cases
Discipline And Termination In The Workplace
Employers Must Reassess Dismissals Strategies
Public Sector Wage Restraint In Nova Scotia
Theft And Reinstatement Under Canada's Labour Code
Supreme Court Endorses Exclusivity Of Arbitration
Little Consistency In The "Ballpark" Approach
Beware Of Modifying Employment Contracts
New Labour Laws: The Wrong Direction?
Using Temps May Not Limit Your Liability
OK To Eavesdrop Electronically?
Outreach Programs: Who's Using Them?
Part One: Workplace Privacy
Part Two: Workplace Privacy
Where Do You Hold A Hearing?
Referees Not Bound By Other Referee Decisions
Amendments To Bill 63
The Human Rights Commission Methods
Human Rights: Dealing With The Heavy Backlog
Human Rights: What's Causing The Huge Backlog?
Human Rights: Alcohol And Drug Testing
Pre-Employment Medicals May Qualify As BFOR's
Sexual Harassment
Formal Sexual Harassment Policy Needed
Sexual Harassment: Take Complaints Seriously
Zero Tolerance For Workplace Harassment
Tribunal Allows Discrimination In Specific Cases
Accommodate Persons With Disabilities
Disabled Workers? Use Common Sense Etiquette
All Peers Should Speak Language Of Disability
On The Job: Employment Equity Is Good Business!
Women Still Underrepresented In Management
Canada's Maternity Leave Program
Mothers Cannot Be Denied Benefits
Human Rights - Don't Mess With Mom
Avoid Assumptions About Older Workers
New Decisions On The Dismissal Of Disabled Workers
Employers Must Provide Support For Native Employees
Employment Equity: Is It Really Working?
Pay Equity: Can We Truly Afford It?
Avoid Human Rights Battles When Assessing Performance
Beware Of Innocent Worker Absenteeism
Female Executives Still Face Harassment
Drug Testing In The Workplace: Know The Risks
Job Discrimination: How Are The Americans Coping?
Remedies Under The Ontario Human Rights Code
Inducement And Reasonable Notice
Labour: The Cost Of Appeasement
Ontario's Employment Equity Seesaw
Are Employers Liable For Incompetent Management?
New Focus On The Labour Codes
Sexual Harassment And Just Cause
New B.C. WCB Health And Safety Regulation In Effect

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