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Brand Power of Employees

Most companies today want a competitive edge on marketing their unique products and services while building their brand power. We invest in every sort of marketing ploy while not fully utilizing the power of our existing employees as Brand Ambassadors. Our employees are our greatest asset, with the right approach backed by the necessary resources those same employees can become effective and engaged Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors sell our company without even knowing they are doing it. But perhaps that’s why it has become such a successful marketing tool. They promote the company in the modern marketplace of social media as well as the more traditional markets just as seamlessly. But perhaps it is just as important that Brand Ambassadors sell not just our goods and services, but our company culture as well. You can’t buy ‘cool’, but our Brand Ambassadors can bring that with them to work every day.

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A Flu-free Workplace
Get ready for flu season, because just like winter, it’s coming. This time of year is more conducive to flu and colds because we’re inside more, breathing the same air and sharing the same germs, and sometimes viruses as well.

No Degree? No Problem.
A new study has helpful guidance for Canadians hoping to start the new year with a new job, as well as newcomers looking to enter the Canadian workforce. Randstad Canada shares the most in-demand jobs for the year ahead.

9 Ways to Increase Communication at Work
How’s your communication working? Are you informing or communicating? How do you know?


Minister Qualtrough Concludes G7 High Level Meeting in France

Government Releases Report of the Expert Panel on Modern Federal Labour Standards

Canada's Top Employers for Young People' for 2020 are Announced

Digital Technology Supercluster Announces 14 New Projects to Drive Canada's Digital Economy



BC: Take Precautions When Working in Cold Weather

SK: 10,400 New Jobs Created In 2019

ON: Ontario's Open for Jobs Plan Working

ON: Province Takes Action to Address Skilled Trades Shortage

MB: Province Supports Education on Employment Accessibility

NS: Retraining for Workers Across Forestry Sector

This Month
Don’t Sneeze on Me
If you think you might be coming down with a cold or the flu, stay home.

Building Brand Power using Existing Employees
You can’t buy ‘cool’, but our Brand Ambassadors can bring that with them to work every day.
Working for a Flu-free Workplace
Prevention is a thousand times better than treating a cold or flu.

Employer Allowed to Enforce Employee’s Start Time
The woman could not turn the employer’s flexibility on start times as an obligation against it, a court ruled.
Nursing Home Worker Fired for Off-Duty Assault
The conviction raised concerns about the safety of vulnerable residents, an arbitration panel found.
Kilt-Wearing Bus Driver Not Discriminated Against for Scottish Ancestry
A driver wore a kilt on a casual Friday just to protest the ban against doing so.

No Degree? No Problem. Blue-Collar Roles Are Red-Hot
Randstad Canada reveals Canada's most in demand jobs for 2020.
Put Down The Phone, Gen Zs Want to Talk to You In Person
New study reveals what the 'selfie generation' actually wants in the workplace.

Shop Talk
Corporate Culture Resolutions: 5 Ways to Prioritize Emotional Intelligence in 2020
Celebrate those who bring joy to the workplace,” study
9 Ways to Increase Communication at Work
Here are some ways you can increase communion through improved communication at work.

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