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Meet Canada's leading human resource and management experts! IPM, in conjunction with the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada, the Canadian Management Professionals Association and the Canadian Association of Assessment Specialists, holds regular chapter events, workshops and conferences featuring recognized national industry expert speakers.

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Halifax Half Day Workshop May 1, 2019

Today's Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Kyle MacIsaac, LL.B., Partner, Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP and Caroline Spindler, J.D., Associate, Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP

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Today's Critical Issues in Employment Law

Managing people today in a truly diverse and changing world has its challenges. The legal landscape for employers continues to evolve. This special half day program will address tips and recent developments in the following areas:

  • Cannabis and the Workplace: Medical & Recreational- Testing, Accommodation, Employee Rights & Policies

  • Recruitment Updates: Background checks, Social media

  • Employment Contracts

  • Constructive Dismissal

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Halifax Full Day Conference May 2, 2018

Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Michael Murphy, J.D., Associate, McInnes Cooper, Halifax

Succession Planning: Make it Work! presented by Tony Case, PhD, Senior Consultant, Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette

Mindfulness at Work: Training our Minds to Pay Attention presented by Michelle Lane, Leadership Catalyst & Principal, Vibrant Leaders

Power Through that Laundry List: Steer your teams to project delivery! presented by Judith Richardson, CEO & Principal, PONO Consultants International and Cynthia Giles, Founder & CEO, Capstone Project Solutions Inc.

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Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law

This session will provide an overview of recent developments in three major areas that impact your organization.

• Workplace harassment and bullying

Workplace harassment and bullying can have many targets, take many forms and often be “invisible”. However, the negative workplace effects of harassment and bullying aren’t invisible: employees often suffer a wide array of physical and psychological effects that spread to broader workplace problems.

- Review the impact of workplace harassment and bullying and how to avoid the costs such conduct generates

- Gain the skills to identify and determine when you should intervene

- Learn how to respond effectively and proactively to meet your legal obligations to provide a safe workplace free of harassment and bullying

-Discover the five key steps to investigate harassment and bullying when it does occur

• Cannabis: A burning topic for every employer

The pending legalization of recreational cannabis is driving the stigma down, and the usage of both recreational and medical cannabis up.

Obtain updates on the latest legal developments around cannabis @ work.

• Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Canada’s latest census numbers are clear: we need workers. Participants will get a brief update on the Atlantic Immigration Pilot and how it’s helping Atlantic Canadian employers hire the employees they need.

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Succession Planning: Make it Work!

Why do it?

Organizations must ensure that they aren’t losing the expertise and knowledge of top talent when they leave. Succession planning is different than having an immediate replacement plan. Having a good plan in place also decreases risk of the organization by being able to provide the same level of business to your clients and stakeholders.

Best practices

Succession planning takes time to develop and perfect. Review the list of things to be done to achieve your goals. Discuss how to design your plan so it aligns with your business strategy and it is made to be just as important. You’ll gain better understanding on whom to approach when and how to get buy-in from top tier management.

Lessons learned

This planning process usually takes longer than you think and should be treated as important as any other organizational goal. Obtain insights on how other organizations have succeeded in developing the right plan and key factors to success. Discover simple tools to get started now.

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Mindfulness at Work: Training our Minds to Pay Attention

Our minds naturally wander- we do it about 50 percent of our waking moments. Add the reality of external distraction in our volatile and hyper-connected 24/7 world to the equation, and it’s easy to appreciate why our ability to focus and pay attention is under such tremendous pressure. Notably, the costs are mounting in our personal health and wellbeing, as well as our overall ability to be effective in our personal and professional lives. For leaders and organizations, the impact on executive functioning skills such as problem-solving and decision making, to name but two, are areas worthy of focus and attention.

Our minds, just as our muscles, can be trained. The practice of mindfulness and the capacity it offers to cultivate present moment awareness without judgement or emotional reactivity provides an opportunity to train our minds to pay attention. In the process, we strengthen our ability to pay attention in a mindful way and learn to more readily return to focus on the task at hand when our minds wander.

In this interactive session, discover the art and science of mindfulness, highlight some of the research findings about its impact in the workplace and experience a few simple ways of exploring and applying mindfulness – for yourselves and your organizations.

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Power Through that Laundry List: Steer your teams to project delivery!

Picture a cluttered desk, full inbox and harried team member-doing their best to keep up. Does that sound like you or any of your colleagues?

Regardless of your situation or workplace, you will learn to guide your teams to actively and clearly deliver their projects. You will get some real-life inspiration and tools to power through your laundry list of to-do's with clarity, focus and purpose.

In this dynamic interactive session, discover how to apply some of the principles and processes of Project Management and Change Management to simplify tasks, take control and simply empty your inbox!

• Explore the 3 essentials of managing projects and apply to everyday to-do lists

• Draw on your power to influence, inspire and develop collaborative skills and strength

• Examine the role of leaders as change agents and catalysts for organizational growth

• Befriend “resistance” to change

• Discuss strategies for developing a results-focused organizational culture

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Halifax Full Day Conference May 3, 2017

Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Kyle MacIsaac, LL.B, Associate, McInnes Cooper

The Work of Leaders: Connect to real-world demands presented by Murray Janewski, BComm, MBA, President, ACT One International Corp.

Effective Telephone Communication: Perfecting the Art presented by Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady – Author, Speaker, Facilitator

Communicating for Success and Results: Difficult Conversations presented by Charmaine Hammond, President, Hammond International Inc., Speaker, Consultant

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Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law

Managing people today in a truly diverse and changing world has its challenges. The legal landscape for employers continues to evolve. This presentation will address tips and recent developments in the following areas:

*Accommodating Invisible Disabilities – How to respond to mental health issues in the workplace

• How to identify mental health disabilities
• When do mental health issues become a disability
• How should employers respond to mental health related disabilities
• Undue hardship in the face of mental disability

*Medical Marijuana – The dawn of a new workplace problem or business as usual?

• What will the legalization of marijuana in Canada look like?
• How will this affect Canadian workplaces?
• How and what can employers do to prepare for and respond to this development?

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The Work of Leaders: Connect to real-world demands

Based on best practices,” The Work of Leaders” connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.

Obtain valuable insights into leadership best practices based on work done by Murray Janewski in partnership with John Wiley and Sons. Leadership will be defined as a one-to-many relationship as opposed to the one-to-one relationship that is unique to the field of management. Leadership focuses on tangible steps directed at leading a team toward desired outcomes. Discuss the findings of six years of research and input from over 300 people at over 150 organizations.

Using the framework of Vision, Alignment and Execution, The Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviours and how those behaviours will impact their effectiveness in leading others.

While thought provoking, The Work of Leaders stimulates fresh conversations and perspectives regardless of the leader’s knowledge or experience. It’s an opportunity for leaders at all levels of learning to reflect on how they approach each step of their work. In addition, it encourages reflection and discussion about the team and the organization.

Participants will come away with both the insight and the actions to be able to grow as a leader and to grow their teams.

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Effective Telephone Communication: Perfecting the Art

Everyone in your organization has one thing in common. They need to clearly and succinctly communicate by phone with others. Whether it is a receptionist taking the call, a salesperson placing the call or a CEO accepting the call, everyone can – and should – improve their existing telephone communication skills.

Phone conversations continue to play a vital role in business communication, but being effective and efficient requires specific skills.

This dynamic session will help you get your team on track to becoming better communicators.

Gain valuable insights on how to leave the right messages that get returned, inspire conversation and gather information.

Learn how to work more effectively with specific challenges such as the constant talker, background noise, etc.

Discover how to combine email and phone conversations for maximum impact ... and more.

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Communicating for Success and Results: Difficult Conversations

Communication is one of the most important elements of individual, team and business success, yet is one of the most common challenges we all face. This presentation provides you with practical and tactical skills and tools that you can implement immediately for positive results, less drama and long term success… the courageous dialogue.

In this interactive session, gain insights how to obtain better results in the difficult conversation, how to reduce your own anxiety and help to generate a positive and productive outcome for all parties involved.

Whether the situation involves providing feedback about sensitive issues, correcting performance or conveying bad news, this presentation will help you communicate for success and results up, down and across the organization.

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Halifax Full Day Conference April 13, 2016

Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Kyle MacIsaac, B.A., LL.B, Associate, McInnes Cooper

Meaningful Impact on Performance presented by Judith Richardson, MA, BA, BEd, MEC, Founder, PONO Consultants International

The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters presented by Dr. Brad McRae, Director, Atlantic Leadership Development Institute

Sign In Your Teams: Connect, Collaborate and Create with Ease presented by Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, CEO, Spark Engagement

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Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law

Managing people today in a truly diverse and changing world has its challenges. The legal landscape for employers continues to evolve. This presentation will address tips and recent developments in the following areas:

1. Family Status Accommodations

• Recent Case law developments
• The do’s and don’ts of responding to a Family Status request
• What an employer can and cannot request of an employee
• Likely growth of more family status claims moving forward

2. Discipline for Off Duty Conduct

• What constitutes off duty conduct in the age of Social Media?
• How far is too far?
• Proper components of a good workplace policy
• How should the employer handle personal electronic devices?

3. Performance Related Terminations

• Recent Case law developments
• Best practices for managing performance
• Are older employees entitled to different standards of performance?

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Meaningful Impact on Performance

Drawing on her experience working with entrepreneurs, executives, and top athletes, including award winning Corporate Leaders and Football Coaches, Judith Richardson explores with audiences developing a peak performance mindset that creates sustainable results that positively affect performance, accountability, management, and staff engagement. An average day in the workplace is one of competing priorities and new processes that come with their own pressures. By sharing actual practices to help you discover what is keeping your team or you from reaching your potential we will explore the “magic in the middle” between competency and deliverable, developing tools for behavioural change leading to robust workplace cultures and lives that work powerfully and effectively in those cultures.

In this workshop, participants will explore the mindset, behaviours and actions necessary to:

  • Break through obstacles to peak performance
  • Discover how to overcome the “noise” that can block productivity
  • Increase staff engagement in setting and achieving performance goals
  • Foster an organizational culture of acknowledgement

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    The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters

    The sign of a great speech is one that has the Intellectual Power to deliver the message and the Emotional Force to move the audience to new ways of thinking and behaving.

    The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters is a highly interactive workshop that is based on the book of the same name. Brad and his co-author interviewed over 30 of the best presenters in North America in order to discover how they became Master Presenters. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use the strategies that differentiate masterful presentations from their less effective counterparts.

    Whether it is a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a presentation to a small group, or an audience of a thousand, this will help you become a Master.

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    Sign In Your Teams: Connect, Collaborate and Create with Ease

    Take your teams and leaders beyond the basics. Our focus is your success, whether you have a problem to solve or an idea to build.

    In today's world, teams are much different than years ago. The traditional "team in a box" no longer serves organizations as well. More often individuals are interacting with people from within their own workplace, other organizations and communities. There is value and strength in being able to easily transition and adapt to each new interaction.

    In this very interactive session, discover the Golden Rule of Collaboration at work, build on ideas with proven techniques, deal with people who create barriers and work with mistakes. Obtain practical tools and techniques for everyday use and work with others constructively. Gain insights on how to take your team to the next level and how to apply these principles in both your professional and personal lives.

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    Halifax Full Day Conference April 15, 2015

    Today's Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Sarah Manning, LL.B., Senior Associate, Taylor MacLellan Cochrane

    Changing Problem Behaviour Without Discipline presented by George Raine, President, Montana Consulting Group and Maxime Labbé, Senior Partner, Montana Consulting Group

    Recruiting- Are You Marketing Jobs or Selling Them? presented by Paul Kidston, MBA, CSP, P. Mgr., President -Lead Consultant, Sales Training Experts®

    The Art of Flourishing presented by Carla Anglehart, Vice-President Training and Development, Atlantic Leadership Development Institute

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    Today's Critical Issues in Employment Law

    Managing the workplace has become highly regulated by legislation and the Courts. Owners and their delegates may feel like they no longer run the organization when it comes to employee management. In this session, obtain tips on how to get that power back in three major areas. Take back those reigns!

    The Untouchables

    Long term employees with poor performance can have a serious impact on the workplace. It can devalue the hard workers who may also have to pick up the slack. There is an element of control to the statement, “I have been here so long you can’t do anything about it.” But you can. Discover how to performance manage “the Untouchables” while minimizing your risk of a “bullying” or “harassment” claim.

    Neutralizing a Negative Work Environment

    Negative work environments can result in resignations, sick leave and harassment complaints. Productivity can decrease and an unhealthy work environment is created for all. Get ahead of the curve and neutralize that negative work environment. Learn how to restore a negative workplace through a Workplace Restoration. It is a hands-on, group focused process which is interactive and solution based. It is a step away from theoretical toward the practical. Obtain tips on how to prevent a negative workplace from developing and strategies on how to restore one that has already gone down that path.

    Take Back Your Rights with a Properly Worded Employment Contract

    A properly worded employment contract can be your best evidence when defending a legal claim against you or enforcing a term against a former employee. Obtain tips on contract language that will help minimize your risk and protect you. Just drafting a term is not enough- it must be enforceable under law. Learn strategies that will better your chance of success in having a term enforced. Key areas discussed will include terms relating to reasonable notice upon termination, just cause, and non-competition and non-solicitation clauses.

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    Changing Problem Behaviour Without Discipline

    In this high energy presentation, human dynamics innovators George Raine and Maxime Labbé will show you their proven Turnaround Interview® technique for coaching employees to break bad workplace habits without using or threatening discipline. This technique corrects minor but persistent problems like lateness, excessive breaks, missing deadlines, negative comments, improper use of work time and similar behaviours.

    Already proven in manufacturing, high-tech, government, health care and educational settings, this progressive approach to dealing with sticky problems is producing dramatic results in about 90% of cases.

    Learn how and why people naturally defend bad workplace habits and why they resist change. Discover how to use that knowledge to overcome the resistance and how to make the change stick. It may not be that easy at first. Review the proven techniques for controlling the flow of the conversation and for phrasing your questions to get the best chance of success. Rooted in a sound understanding of human nature, this new, high-impact approach to employee coaching will get you to rethink your instinctive approaches to these tough conversations with employees.

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    Recruiting- Are You Marketing Jobs or Selling Them?

    There is certainly a difference. The recruiting industry has adopted ‘marketing technology’ at an alarming rate. Applicant Tracking Systems and Job Boards have allowed recruiting professionals to screen more than 70% of all resumes electronically through key words and spider technology. Now with the advent of video interviews, we have gained further ground on the road to efficiency. Or have we?

    Attracting and retaining good employees is more than a marketing exercise. It is a sales job. In the name of marketing efficiency we may have sacrificed sales effectiveness in the recruiting process. 70% of applicants never speak with a warm body from a company. Are the 30% really your best candidates?

    In 2014, the sales profession has been relabelled and redefined to reflect the ever changing demands of clients from all industries. The word ‘Sales’ has been replaced with words like ‘Candidate Experience’ and ‘Candidate Satisfaction’. Effective recruiters use persuasion and influence strategies to describe the very foundation of the good work they do.

    This session will deliver interesting insights into the ‘sales job’ of recruitment. Whether you are responsible for a large staffing department or a front line manager hiring staff directly, this is a must see session.

    Through audience participation, research and actual examples, discover the influence and persuasion strategies most often used along the recruitment path.

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    The Art of Flourishing

    Dealing with poor attendance, poor performance, individual and team conflicts? You are not alone. The good news is there are some fabulous tools, processes and systems that managers can utilize to support them in addressing these and other workplace issues. The bad news is that at times, even when managers implement the best tools and strategies, the undesirable behaviours persist.

    In this inspirational session, participants will go “upstream” and consider the root cause of the behaviours rather than the symptoms. Obtain insights on the visionary work of Martin Seligman and others in the field of positive psychology and organizational health. Explore the three elements of authentic happiness and move beyond the goal of employee satisfaction and engagement to the gold standard of “flourishing”.

    In positive psychology, flourishing is thriving, vigorous growth and resilience. At the root of a flourishing career or business are individuals who possess high levels of emotional, psychological and social well-being. This thought-provoking session will offer insights about enhancing well-being and leveraging employee’s virtues and signature strengths to optimize your workforce.

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    Halifax Full Day Conference April 9, 2014

    Today's Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Bradley Proctor, MBA, LL.B., Deputy Managing Partner, McInnes Cooper

    Time Management: The New Focus presented by Marcel Bellefeuille, RPR, Professional Coaching Consultant

    Beyond Engagement: Energized Employees= Better Results presented by Brady Wilson, Co-Founder of Juice Inc., Author, Trainer and Speaker

    Moral Leadership: Doing What's Right for You and Your Organization presented by Craig Dowden, Ph.D., Managing Director, SPB Organizational Psychology Inc.

    Click here for a printable PDF.

    Today's Critical Issues in Employment Law

    This session will provide an overview of critical HR developments that impact your business. We will work through recent developments in these key areas:

    Bullying and Cyber Bullying in the Workplace

    • Legislative changes with the new anti-cyber bullying law
    • Change of focus with respect to bullying
    • Discuss recent cases and legislative changes involving bullying and social media.

    Social Media Update

    • How can the employer make use of social media in the pre-employment process?
    • How can use of social media lead to disciplinary action?
    • What happens to bad-mouthing on social media?

    Accommodating Family Status

    • Employees need time for familial obligations which could involve child care or elder care.
    • Review recent case law developments to determine the employer’s obligations with respect to this accommodation.

    Managers from all industry sectors will gain valuable insights on these legal updates and more. You’ll obtain numerous strategies that you can take back and implement in your organization.

    Click here for information on Brad Proctor

    Time Management: The New Focus

    Most people actually use 60% or less of available work time. When over 38,000 people in 200 countries were queried about individual productivity, a Microsoft survey showed that even though they were physically at work five days a week, they were only productively using three days. Attlasian also reports that 60% or less of work time is actual productive time.

    In this session, we will address the link between time management and productivity through the following discussion points:

    • How are you allocating your time? How and why should you improve it?
    • Attitudes are the key to time management and being productive. Discuss the main attributes of a “Championship Attitude”. Breaking away from the traditional thought processes creates unique ideas. This activity is fostered through a simple discipline tool.
    • Process is important when applying different time management techniques. Discover unique ways to utilize your time that are targeted and efficient. By using new techniques, you will manage and produce at a different level.

    Participants will acquire specific tools to assist them in managing their time in a new and meaningful way. A different look at motivation will improve personal and professional growth through basic measuring criteria. The implementation of a weekly scheduling tool will boost productivity levels not only in the workplace, but in all aspects of your life.

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    Beyond Engagement: Energized Employees= Better Results

    Are your well-intended engagement strategies putting your best employees at risk? Your most engaged employees may be loyal, but are they energized?

    Today’s organizational leaders face a new challenge-how to move employees beyond engagement to a culture where their workforce can manage the needs of employees and the needs of the organization, release bottled-up innovative thinking and consistently create breakthrough business results. The key lies in energy. Leaders who can successfully shift from managing engagement to managing energy will make a monumental difference to their people and consequently, business results.

    In this thought-provoking session, participants will gain valuable insights on the myths of employee engagement, obtain key strategies to take employees beyond engagement and discover new tools for turning your workforce into a higher performing organization. Consider the possibility of something beyond employee engagement!

    Creating a culture that harnesses and fosters sustainable organizational energy is not easy-but it is possible. This will surely transform the way you look at engagement.

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    Moral Leadership: Doing What's Right for You and Your Organization

    Leadership is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the world of business and receives considerable coverage in the popular and academic press. What are the most effective leadership attributes for both individuals and organizations?

    The importance of this question is further accented by the groundbreaking work of the Gallup organization. Their surveys and studies have consistently shown that the number one reason people leave organizations is “poor leadership.” This trend, combined with the recent failures of our institutions and even countries, has created a fervent call for stronger leadership.

    Review an evidence-based argument highlighting the critical importance of the “softer” side of leadership. Discover how humility, empathy, happiness and self-awareness/authenticity are key differentiators of peak performance organizations. Although this list may seem counterintuitive to widespread beliefs regarding desirable leadership attributes, a sizeable evidence base has grown showcasing its effectiveness. By drawing on classic and cutting edge research, this session will highlight how moral leadership is not only doing the right thing, but it is the right thing to do for the health of our organizations.

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    Halifax Half Day Workshop October 29, 2013

    From ‘Good’ to ‘Better than Good’: Why Organizational Excellence Is So Hard to Achieve presented by Ray Ivany, President and Vice Chancellor, Acadia University

    Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Stephen Carpenter, B.A., LL.B., Partner and Murray Murphy, B.A. LL.B., Partner, Stewart McKelvey

    Click here for a printable PDF.

    From ‘Good’ to ‘Better than Good’: Why Organizational Excellence Is So Hard to Achieve

    This session will examine the factors that influence high performance within organizations as well as the reasons why many efforts to improve organizational results often fail to achieve their objectives.

    We will do a practical and candid exploration of ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’ with a goal of identifying best practices that lead to success. Review actual case studies and discuss the key factors involved. Ray Ivany will share his own personal experiences in attempting to lead planning and reform agendas.

    Managers from all organizations will take back valuable insights and strategies to implement and reach their goals.

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    Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law

    This presentation will focus on four major areas of concern in employment and labour law: social media, jokes and pranks in the workplace-when they become violence or harassment, workplace investigations and pre-hiring considerations.

    Social Media & Its Impact at the Workplace

    • Off duty, online activities: Can employers discipline employees for online activities at home?
    • Monitoring employees’ online activities in the workplace: Is it really a good idea?
    • Cyber bullying in the workplace
    • Acceptable use policies: Why should every employer have one and what must be included?
    • Where is the line between the employer’s right to monitor employees’ online activity and the employees’ right to privacy?

    Jokes and Pranks in the Workplace

    Fun in the workplace is healthy. It gets unhealthy when it goes too far and crosses the line into
    harassment and violence. The majority of complaints of harassment in the workplace were intended to be “innocent.” Nevertheless, the exposure for the employer is the same. Review key legal developments and learn what you need to know when reacting to “harassment.”

    Workplace Investigations

    Workplaces are becoming increasingly complex and more and more regulated. This naturally leads to more and more employer “investigations.” Employers are constantly “investigating,” whether or not they realize it. Proper investigations are critical to minimizing your exposure. Participants will learn when an investigation is required, should it be internal or external, the process and evidence issues, how to deal with “he said, she said” and the final report. Discover the biggest problems with investigations and how to deal with them.

    Pre-Hiring Considerations

    Who did you just hire? Here we examine what you can and can’t ask at the pre-hiring and interview stages. What about background checks? Assuming you can do them, what types of verification are acceptable? Can’t employers just “google” applicants and see what comes up? Review the advantages and pitfalls of background checks and more importantly, on what findings you can base your final hiring decisions.

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    Halifax Full Day Conference

    April 10, 2013

    Today’s Top 3 Issues in Managing People- The Legal Perspective presented by Grant Machum, B.Comm, LL.B., Partner & Practice Group Leader, Labour and Employment, Stewart McKelvey

    The Next Frontier - Recruiting in the 21st Century Workplace presented by Gail Boone, MPA, CEC,CHRP, Facilitator, Consultant & Certified Executive Coach, Gail Boone Consulting and Carla Hurley, M.Ed, CEC, Director, HR, Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia & Certified Executive Coach

    Implementing Change- What You Need to Succeed presented by Carla Anglehart, Director, Organizational Development, Health Association Nova Scotia

    The Growing Earnings Gap & Productivity: What We Can Do? presented by Larry Haiven, PhD, Professor, Sobey School of Business, Director, Master of Management-Co-operatives & Credit Unions, Saint Mary's University

    Click here for a printable PDF.

    Today’s Top 3 Issues in Managing People- The Legal Perspective

    Managing people today in a truly diverse and changing world has its challenges. The legal landscape for employment continues to evolve at a rapid pace. This informative session will provide you with the latest trends and practical tips in three major areas:

    • Age in the workplace

    From millennial to septuagenarian, the present workplace crosses more generations than ever before. Managers have never been as challenged by “age” as they are today, but all agree that performance is the ultimate goal. Learn what you need to do to move forward.

    • Social networking

    The biggest social networking myths are that it’s only a young person’s game and what is said is private. This area of the law has demanded renewed review and audit of existing policies and keeping on top of privacy developments from our highest court. Discover how to create a policy best suited to preventing harm within your organization.

    • Constructive dismissal

    Reorganization is the new norm in today’s business world. Flexibility to change with the times has become more important today than ever. Obtain the latest tips on how to make these changes without being charged with constructive dismissal.

    Click here for information on Grant Machum

    The Next Frontier - Recruiting in the 21st Century Workplace

    Is your workplace ready to go boldly go where it has not gone before? As the boomers leave the workforce to be replaced by Gen X and Y (the Millenniums), organizations, HR professionals and recruiting managers will have to think differently about recruitment. What's so different about recruiting today?

    Gain valuable new insights on what your organization should consider in this phase of recruitment. Discuss the changes in balance between technical expertise and fit and how to determine the right mix in today’s shifting world of work.

    Recruitment strategies that you have used for years may not work with the changing demographics. This interactive session provide you with tips and strategies to enable you to take your recruitment efforts to the next frontier.

    Click here for information on Gail Boone

    Click here for information on Carla Hurley

    Implementing Change- What You Need to Succeed

    Progress is all about change. Simply put, without change there is no progress. And yet, one of the greatest challenges for leaders today is to move individuals and teams away from resistance and fear of change to a place where they embrace change with greater focus, productivity and engagement.

    In this session, participants will learn how to effectively manage themselves and support others through change, when all they can see is the whites of their eyes!

    Based on scientific research of the brain during times of change, this session will introduce a “map” for change and address some of the predictable characteristics of change as well as the unpredictable characteristics. It will introduce a model that supports individuals in identifying where they are at with regard to a particular change (emotional, mental and behavioural responses) and what skills they need to move forward in each stage of change.

    Formal leaders also have much to learn from this material. If you are frustrated with resistance, sabotage, conflict, absenteeism and presenteeism that seem to increase during times of change, this session will support you in knowing in advance what responses to anticipate. More importantly, you will be armed with specific strategies to employ for every stage of change, so that you and your team can successfully implement changes and progress!

    Click here for information on Carla Anglehart

    The Growing Earnings Gap & Productivity: What We Can Do?

    Most of us spend a greater amount of time at work than we did years ago. Is this large amount of time reflected in our earnings? The rich seem to be getting richer, the poor aren’t going anywhere and there are fewer people in the middle.

    In this session, we’ll explore the issues of productivity and inequality of earnings in today’s workplace. Why should we be concerned about growing inequality? The common belief in Atlantic Canada is that wages are too high and productivity is too low. Is this reality a true reality or just a myth?

    Gain insights on what we as citizens, employers and managers can do to tackle these issues. Review how to engage your people, how to invest in them and how to tackle productivity problems.

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