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Spring 2003 Edition- April 2003 Volume 1

Professionalism: It's Not Just The Designation
Never has it been more important to acquire and maintain professional credentials for employers. The pool of job applicants grows every year, and the ability to set yourself apart from the hundreds applying for the same job becomes a survival tactic. Make no mistake, academic achievements, certificates, diplomas and skill based professional credentials set you apart from other job seekers and from the current crop of co-workers. And belonging to a strong and active professional association brings even further proof that you're serious about your work life and that you're not just marking time. More ...

International Assignments Require Finesse
What are the most effective steps that employers can take to overcoming employee and family resistance to an international assignment? More ...
Why Should I Consider Outsourcing Payroll?
Probably the most important reason to outsource payroll is that it allows you and your internal human resources team to focus on your core business. More ...
Getting Employees Across The U.S. Border
Our company regularly sends employees into the United States for sales calls and for service calls. Lately, they have encountered problems at the Border. What can we do to prevent this? More ...

Members Take Note
Shelly Druce, RPR- Regional Co-Chair, Ottawa
Lisa Rowe, RPR- Regional Co-Chair, Winnipeg
Alan Davis, RPR- Third Party Recruitment Specialist

Making Changes: The 3R's For Success
An enthusiastic group of over 50 members gathered at the Worker's Compensation Board offices in Edmonton on October 2, 2002 to hear Susan Flaherty, Diane MacDonald and Julia Melnyk speak about facilitating change in a variety of environments. More ...

The Ironclad Case For More Learning
When you omit learning and training from your business practices, you put a slow leak in your bank account. It's easy to think you are saving money by cutting "training" in your organization. But when you delete training, you join the ranks of customers who don't service their vehicles. More ...

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As this online newsletter is published quarterly, we need articles, questions and answers, People on the Move announcements and other material of interest to our fellow members. If you can contribute, please contact Kate Moore, RPR, Members Quarterly Editor at


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