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Summer 2013 Issue

  • Ask - Sleepless Nights By Teri Gentes
  • Ask - Wardrobe Communication – Your Competitive Edge By Catherine Graham Bell
  • Features - The Duty to Mitigate: What’s It All About? By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Features - Mergers and Acquisitions: The Due Diligence Process By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Recruiting in the Mining Industry: New Challenges for Employers By Doug Ivey
  • Features - All Aboard Now – Get Everyone on the Same Track By Trevor Hubert
  • Features - Inside Out Leadershift By Gail Boone
  • Message - Recertification: Raising the Bar to Help You By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Spread the News By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Spring 2013 Issue

  • Ask - Get Your Message Across By Luc Beaudry
  • Ask - Battle the New Workplace Epidemic By Marla Ericksen
  • Ask - How to Lower the Risks in Hiring By Daniel Bentley
  • Features - Human Rights Damages in Employment By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Features - HR’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Energy on the Front Line By Gail Boone
  • Features - Redirecting Behaviour with Words By Wendy Godmere
  • Message - Individual Employment Relationships By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - PD Events – Not Dangerous to Your Health By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Winter 2013 Issue

  • Ask - What Foods are Truly Good for Us? By Teri Gentes
  • Ask - Better Business Writing: The Ongoing Challenge By David Newby
  • Features - Classification of Employees VS. Independent or Dependent Contractors By Malcolm Mackillop
  • Features - Ageism in Today’s Workplace By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Put Me in Coach! By Carla Hurley
  • Features - Get the Right People on Board By Craig Dowden
  • Message - Reducing Workplace Stress By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - The Importance of Professional Accreditations By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Fall 2012 Issue

  • Ask - Getting Active is Not Inconsequential By Marla Ericksen
  • Ask - Dealing with a Bad Boss By Alan Kearns
  • Features - Firing for Absenteeism and Lateness By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Features - Social Networking Changes Confidentiality & Privacy Landscape By Brian Sartorelli
  • Features - Measuring Human Capital Risks By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Run Better Meetings By Catherine Graham Bell
  • Message - Progressive Discipline Doesn’t Work By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Bring Civility Back to the Workplace By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Summer 2012 Issue

  • Ask - Mastering the Behavioural Based Interview By Gail Boone
  • Ask - Performance & the Foods You Eat: Make the Right Choice By Teri Gentes
  • Ask - Organizational Culture and People By Bill Scott
  • Features - Firing for Dishonesty By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Features - Abrasive Leaders: Mistakes You Make in Managing Them By Sharone Bar-David
  • Features - The Value of Professional Certification By Thomas Gussman
  • Message - Dealing with a Personal Crisis at Work By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Call for New Volunteers to IPM Associations By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Spring 2012 Issue

  • Ask - Sitting Can Be Dangerous to Your Health By Marla Ericksen
  • Ask - Dining Out on Business: Maximize the Benefits By Catherine Graham Bell
  • Features - Court Expands Health & Safety Reporting Obligations By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Features - HR and Risk Management By Philip Gennis
  • Features - The Art of Behavioural-based Interviews By Gail Boone
  • Features - Building Effective Relationships in the Workplace By David Newby
  • Message - Managing a Multi-Generational Workplace By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - It’s Finally Spring – Get Out and Network! By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Winter 2012 Issue

  • Ask - Employers Liable for LTD over Full Common Law Notice Period By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Ask - Conduct Performance Reviews without Fear By Wendy Godmere
  • Ask - The Secret to Powerful Presentations By Wayne Rawcliffe
  • Features - Wage Earner Protection Plan (WEPP) Update By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Leadership Requires Humility By Craig Dowden
  • Features - A Resolution is Not the Solution! By Teri Gentes
  • Features - HRIS & Payroll By Diana Matwichuk
  • Message - The New Case for Flexible Working Arrangements By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Here’s to 2012: Meet the Needs of Your Customers By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Fall 2011 Issue

  • Ask - Trust and Occupational Fraud By David Elzinga
  • Ask - Get a Handle on Bullying By Monika Jensen
  • Ask - The Right to Personal Cell Phone Records By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Features - The Hard Side of HR By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Facebook: The Latest Recruiting Tool By Ryan Moore
  • Features - Invest in Your HR Department BY Sylvio Gravel
  • Message - Social Networking: Boon or Bane to Business By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Vacations and Time Off: Everyone Needs to Recharge By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Summer 2011 Issue

  • Ask - The Only Good Idea is the Boss’ Idea By Monika Jensen
  • Ask - Terminating Employees on Extended Medical Leave By Simon Heath
  • Ask - Medical Notes for Time Off: Are You Getting a Clear Picture? By Craig Karpilow
  • Features - Due Diligence – Look Before You Leap By Sandy Boucher
  • Features - The Art of Downsizing By Mark Wentzell
  • Features - Today’s Evolving Workforce - Globetrotting with The Right Job By Lori Danco
  • Features - Reward and Recognition in a Transient Era By Kathy Follett-Lloyd
  • Message - Employee Relations in a Wage Freeze World By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Email Etiquette - Time for a Wakeup Call? By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Spring 2011 Issue

  • Ask - Social Media and Background Checks: A Legal Perspective By Malcolm MacKillop
  • Ask - At Will Terminations By Simon Heath
  • Events - Successful Labour Relations in Uncertain Times By Jaime Moore
  • Features - To Use Social Media or Not? By Ryan Moore
  • Features - Leading the Way: HR’s Role in Downsizing and Restructuring By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Blowing the Whistle: No Longer Limited to Reporting Fraud By Al Bleau
  • Message - Don’t Jeopardize Your Future By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - The Art of Networking By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Winter 2011 Issue

  • Ask - Social Media 101 By Gail Matheson and Marty Stanowich
  • Ask - Keys to Successful Surveys By Joe Folkman
  • Ask - Harassment with Employee Who Suffers From a Disability By Simon Heath
  • Features - Gain the Trust of Your Senior Executives By Philip H. Gennis
  • Features - Bullying in the Workplace By Joyce McGeehan
  • Features - Volunteering with a Professional Association - What’s In It for Me? By Jaime Moore
  • Features - Ready, Set, Implement Your HRIS By Diana Matwichuk
  • Message - Can You and Your Employees Keep a Secret? By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Recognizing Those Who Make the Difference... By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Fall 2010 Issue

  • Ask - Profiling Performance By Mike Moreau
  • Ask - Bill 168: Amendments to Ontario’s OHSA By Simon Heath
  • Ask - Managing the Multigenerational Workforce By Gail Matheson
  • Ask - Social Media for Recruiting By Paul Dodd
  • Features - No Turning Back: The Future of Human Resources By Philip Gennis
  • Features - The Behaviour and Process of Knowledge By Carmien Owen
  • Message - The Post Mandatory Retirement Era By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Enhancing the Supervisory Toolkit By Kate Moore
  • Perspective - Are Performance Ratings Necessary? By Barbara Adams

    Summer 2010 Issue

  • Ask - Body Language and Workplace Interviews By David Ray
  • Ask - Friday and Monday Sickness By Simon Heath
  • Ask - Emerging Trends in Candidate Screening By David Dinesen
  • Ask - Passing the Baton By Charmaine Hammond
  • Ask - Emerging from the Downturn By Paul Dodd
  • Features - Canada’s Changing Demographics in the Workplace By Stephen Hammond
  • Features - New Cohort Calls for New Leadership Development By Teresa McGill
  • Message - Don’t Settle for Silver By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Ongoing Learning- Time to Grab the Bull by the Horns By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Spring 2010 Issue

  • Ask - From Union to Management By Daryl Bean
  • Ask - Making the Case for Pre-Employment Screening By Dave Dinesen
  • Ask - Marketing and Recruiting By Paul Dodd
  • Ask - Shut Out of Strategic Decision Making By Monika Jensen
  • Features - The Power of Credit Reporting By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Surviving the Boom, the Bust…and What’s in Between By Charmaine Hammond
  • Features - Transformation Management By Harold Schroeder
  • Features - Work-Life Balance & Today’s Workforce By Barbara Adams
  • Message - Customers First By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Building our Networks By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Winter 2010 Issue

  • Ask - Email Etiquette By Jane Watson
  • Ask - Avoiding Burnout By Brian Duggan
  • Ask - A Reasonable Alternative to Lunch Meetings By Diane Craig
  • Ask - How Enforceable is a Zero Tolerance Policy? By Simon Heath
  • Ask - When the Boss Isn’t Contributing By Monika Jensen
  • Features - Downsizing and Restructuring: Navigating the Storm By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Fraud – the ultimate illusion By Derek Malcolm
  • Features - Engaging and Retaining Boomers By Maureen Catania
  • Message - Change Your Attitude By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - A Bitter Pill to Swallow By Kate Moore

    Fall 2009 Issue

  • Ask - Downsizing the Workforce While Restructuring By Mark Wentzell
  • Ask - The Evolution of Grammar By Jane Watson
  • Ask - Mentoring Programs By Glain Roberts-McCabe
  • Ask - Avoiding Employee Burnout By Gordon Pfeffer
  • Features - Changing Technology: Monitoring Employee Computer Usage By David Ray
  • Features - Implementing Progressive Discipline By Simon Heath
  • Message - Do or Delegate By Brian W Pascal
  • Perspective - Recognizing Members Who Make the Difference By Nathaly Pinchuk

    Summer 2009 Issue

  • Ask - Restrictive Covenants: A Cautionary Tale By Simon Heath
  • Ask - When Outside Recruiters Are Outside the Budget By Paul Dodd
  • Ask - Reacting to Fraud in the Workplace By Sue MacMillan
  • Ask - Academic vs. Business Writing Styles By Jane Watson
  • Features - “Do I Stay or Do I go?” By Heidi Cowie
  • Features - Financial Stress Takes Heavy Toll in the Workplace By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Finding the Wolf within your Flock By Jean (JJ) Brun
  • Message - Don’t Bother Me I’m Busy By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Recognizing Ourselves By Kate Moore

    Spring 2009 Issue

  • Ask - Beefing Up New and Pre-Existing Employment Contracts By Ruben Goulart
  • Features - Expense Padding: The Padding That Hurts By David Elzinga
  • Features - IPM – 25 Years and Still Going Strong By Nathaly Pinchuk
  • Features - To Bond or Not to Bond By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Next Generation of HR By Steve Ashton
  • Message - The Challenges of Tomorrow By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Reaching Out By Kate Moore
  • Member Spotlight - Bob Chapman, CMP
  • Member Spotlight - Michelle Dulmadge, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Shannon Feeney, CMP

    Winter 2009 Issue

  • Ask - Business Under the Weather By Philip Gennis
  • Ask - Vacation Pay and Time Entitlements By Cindy Ziobrowsky
  • Features - Building the Next Generation of Human Resources By Steve Ashton
  • Features - Restructuring a Firm in Financial Difficulty By Mark Wentzell
  • Message - Recertification By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Candidate Care By Kate Moore
  • Perspective - Identity Theft By David Malamed
  • Member Spotlight - Deborah Moore, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Karen Hawes, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Jaime Moore

    Fall 2008 Issue

  • Ask - Collection Agency Calls at Work By Philip Gennis
  • Ask - Preparing for Baby Boomer Retirements By Paul Dodd
  • Ask - The Cost of Terminating Employees By Robert Katz
  • Features - Identity Theft By David Malamed
  • Message - Responding to Feedback By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Grief in the Workplace By Kate Moore
  • Perspective - Volunteerism By Mary Ann McCann
  • Member Spotlight - Terry Young, CMP
  • Member Spotlight - Christina Brown, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Lore Bowers

    Summer 2008 Issue

  • Ask - Working as a Consultant By Karen McNeil Murdoch
  • Ask - Low Cost Recruiting By Paul Dodd
  • Events - Toronto’s One-Day Conference By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - Emergency Preparedness By David Ray
  • Message - Stay Sharp and Fit! By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Blackberry Picking By Kate Moore
  • Perspective - Making the Turn By Robert Katz
  • Member Spotlight - Doug Gairns, RPR, RAS
  • Member Spotlight - Maria Hines, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Brenda Rowe, RPR

    Spring 2008 Issue

  • Ask - Pandemic Influenza By Cindy Ziobrowsky
  • Ask - Dealing with a Difficult Co-Worker By Karen McNeil
  • Features - The Hard Side of Human Resources By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Making Diversity Work By Jennifer Smith
  • Message - Three Keys to Success at Work By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Ergonomically Correct Work Areas By Kate Moore
  • Member Spotlight - Linda Shay, RPT
  • Member Spotlight - Jane McDonald, RPR, CMP
  • Member Spotlight - Lynn Besse, RPR

    Winter 2008 Issue

  • Ask - Emotions in the Workplace By Monika Jensen
  • Features - Serving Liquor, Not Liability By David Ray
  • Features - Sleep and the Workplace By Sara Aharon
  • Features - Wage Earner Protection Plan Act By Philip Gennis
  • Message - Motivation: An Inside Job By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Work/Life Balance By Kate Moore
  • Perspective - Online Consultation By Joseph Peters
  • Member Spotlight - Kurtis Grenkow, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Doug Mosher, RPR, RPT

    Fall 2007 Issue

  • Ask - Shades of Grey By Philip Blackford
  • Ask - Employee Blogs By Paul Dodd
  • Events - Toronto’s One Day Conference By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - Ticking Bombs: Defuse Violence in the Workplace By David Ray
  • Message - Learn to Stay Young By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Good Behaviour By Kate Moore
  • Member Spotlight - Jean Harper, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Marian Reid, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Shawn Nesseth, RPT

    Summer 2007 Issue

  • Ask - High Risk Terminations By David Ray
  • Ask - Promoting from Within By Philip Blackford
  • Ask - Implementation of Global Policies By Terri Oliver
  • Features - Workforce Management in Times of Transition By Richard Nixon, Monika Morrow and Philip Gennis
  • Features - Codependency in the Workplace By Rhona Charney,
  • Message - A Human Touch By MQ Staff Writer
  • Perspective - HR’s Broad Shoulders By Kate Moore
  • Member Spotlight - Helen Mix, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Colleen Calvert, CMP, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Eileen Bond, CMP

    Spring 2007 Issue

  • Ask - Values and Ethics: Involving Employees By Rob Mariani
  • Ask - Repatriation Planning: When to Begin By Terri Oliver
  • Events - Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - Workforce Management in Difficult Times By Richard Nixon, Philip Gennis and Mary Marcus
  • Features - Identity Theft By Jennifer Fiddian-Green
  • Message - Accountability, You Have It By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Its been Real…Its been Nice By Shalini Richards
  • Member Spotlight - Jodi Wilson RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Brandi Babando, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Andrew Hiorth, RPR

    Winter 2007 Issue

  • Ask - Management Response to Employee Bankruptcy By Lorenzo Lisi and Philip Gennis
  • Ask - Evaluating Employee Engagement By Carol Taggart
  • Ask - Overcome Resistance to International Assignments By Terri Oliver
  • Features - Post-Christmas Credit Card Blues By Philip H. Gennis
  • Features - Involving Employees in Corporate Ethics By Jennifer Smith
  • Message - Why Not Take the Initiative? By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Helicopter Parents in the Workplace? By Kate Moore
  • Perspective - Does Your Organization Need a Check-up? By Ann Max
  • Member Spotlight - Mary-Ann McCann, RPR, CMP
  • Member Spotlight - Margaret Easton, CMP

    Fall 2006 Issue

  • Ask - Providing Superior Service By David Croft
  • Events - Employment Standards and Overtime Pay By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - Personal Financial Recovery By Philip Gennis
  • Features - Everything You Wanted to Know About WHMIS By Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
  • Features - The End of Mandatory Retirement in Ontario By Mickey Mechal
  • Message - A Retirement Dream By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Sunday Shopping By Shalini Richards
  • Member Spotlight - Mary Stewart, CMP
  • Member Spotlight - Donna Hains, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Linda E. Kellett

    Summer 2006 Issue

  • Ask - Key Components of an International Policy By Terri Oliver
  • Events - What’s Happening in Alberta? By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - E-commerce or E-fraud? By Peter Fatijewski
  • Message - Assumptions and Expectations By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Sign me up for the European Plan By Kate Moore
  • Member Spotlight - Shirley Lealess, RPR, CMP, RAS, RPT
  • Member Spotlight - Connie M. Thornton, CMP
  • Member Spotlight - Pam Matheson, RPR, CMP

    Spring 2006 Issue

  • Ask - International or Expatriate Management Policy By David Croft
  • Events - Succession Planning – What Works and What You Need To Know By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - The key to finding new employment By John Withenshaw
  • Features - Dealing with Difficult Issues By Mary-Ann Owens
  • Message - No New Trends in Human Resources By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - The Etiquette of Technology By Shalini Richards
  • Perspective - Those who laugh…LAST By Cindy Larocque
  • Member Spotlight - Bob Van Slyck, RPR, RAS
  • Member Spotlight - Jean Smith, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Lynda Murray, RPR

    Winter 2006 Issue

  • Ask - The Nose Knows By Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
  • Events - Ending Mandatory Retirement: How Will It Affect You? By MQ Staff Writer
  • Events - Today’s Hottest Issues in Employment Law By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - The Management of Temporary International Assignments By Terri Oliver
  • Features - More Space? More Time? More Life? By Ann Max
  • Message - Ten Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Ethics: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t By Kate Moore
  • Perspective - Sustaining Key Employees in the War for Talent By Joy Humphrey
  • Member Spotlight - Marlene Naraine, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Doug Ivey, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - LYNN MOORE, RPR, CMP

    Fall 2005 Issue

  • Events - Managing for Success: The Value of Values By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - Conquer Your Chaos - Keep Stress at Bay By Sherry Borsheim
  • Features - Employee Productivity By Darel Baker
  • Features - Do You Want Employee Engagement? By John McVeigh
  • Message - Speaking the Truth By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Cultural Interviewing By Shalini Richards
  • Perspective - Have Work. Will Hire By MQ Staff Writer
  • Member Spotlight - Jacqueline Zagotsis, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Carol-Anne Axford, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Cindy Ziobrowski, RPR

    Summer 2005 Issue

  • Events - Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - Ten Tips on being a Successful Employee By Bathyah Charikar
  • Features - The Seven Secrets to a Successful Search By Rob Notman
  • Features - The Recruiting Factory By Alan Davis
  • Message - I Am A Whiner By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Hiring Summer Students By Kate Moore
  • Member Spotlight - Gail McClelland, CHRP, RPR, RAS
  • Member Spotlight - Brenda Bulger, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Stephen Anderson, RPR

    Spring 2005 Issue

  • Ask - Casual Dressing By Mari McLaughlin
  • Ask - Intuiting Patterns By Mary-Ann
  • Features - Workshop Training: Biting the Hand that Feeds Me? By Jack Duffy
  • Features - The State of Canada’s Job Market By John Withenshaw
  • Features - Ending Mandatory Retirement By Brian Pascal
  • Features - Assessment in Career Planning By Tania Corbett
  • Features - Why Hire an External Keynote Trainer? By Creative Bound International
  • Message - Employee Theft By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Privacy and the (Not So) Human Race By Shalini Richards
  • Member Spotlight - Judy English, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Paul MacDonald, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Ivan E. Bakken, RPR

    Winter 2005 Issue

  • Ask - Employee Termination: The Human Side By Rob Notman
  • Ask - Creating Gold Medal Moments By John McVeigh
  • Events - “Hottest Issues in Employment Law” By MQ Staff Writer
  • Features - How to Go From Traditional to High Performance By Darel Baker
  • Features - Ten Tips for the Mindful Consumer By Joan Kulmala
  • Features - Avoid Common Training Pitfalls By Jim Clemmer
  • Features - It’s Your Move, by Marge Watters By Diane Robichaud
  • Message - Monkey in the middle By Brian Pascal
  • Perspective - Taking Training Back to Basics By Kate Moore
  • Member Spotlight - Karen Consigli, RPR, CMP
  • Member Spotlight - Barb Andrews-Hryniw, RPR
  • Member Spotlight - Sheri Dolomont, RPR, CMP