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Acquire the skills you need to recruit, manage, and supervise in today's changing workplace. Attain credits and certificates towards professional accreditation and recognition that will help you grow and thrive in your career. Discover the latest legal tools and best practices that will equip you to manage effectively. Maximize your training dollars and learn at your own pace through our cost-effective Mixed Media USB, Text Based USB and online options.

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Reduce the Cost of Hiring
Standardize your recruitment practices

Improve Hiring Accuracy
Lower the risk of bad hiring decisions

Avoid Needless Litigation
Know and understand employment law

Develop Job Descriptions
Harmonize individual and corporate objectives

Improve Hiring Accuracy
Lower the risk of bad hiring decisions

Set Measurable Objectives
Establish performance standards for end results

Conduct Job Appraisals
Deliver constructive performance feedback

Control the Workload
Eliminate surprises and missed deadlines

Build a Winning Team
Harness the power of the whole

Law for Managers
Avoid the cost of needless litigation

Finance for Managers
Control the cost of doing business

Build Your People Skills
Develop a positive communication style

Write Power Messages
Influence and inform your audience

Lead Effective Meetings
Turn discussions into tight action plans

Give Power Presentations
Promote and sell your plans and ideas

Conduct a Needs Analysis
Identify deviations from performance standards

Design a Training Program
Eliminate the possibility of resistance to change

Deliver and Evaluate Training
Get the message across and evaluate training results

Maximize Your Negotiation Skills
Get what you need through win-win solutions

Promote Positive Employee Relations
Attract and retain talent in a non-union environment

Improve Your Problem Solving
Create work team solutions for getting the job done

Excel In Customer Service
Develop a culture where the customer is king

Control Absenteeism
Create an attendance oriented culture

Develop and Implement Company Policies
Provide guidelines for dealing with any issue

Stop Procrastination
Move towards action

Manage Your Time
Get things done efficiently

Become a Work Expert
Act as an internal consultant

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