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Jodi Wilson RPR

Jodi Wilson began her career in Human Resources at Calgary Home Support Services fourteen years ago. Initially she was employed as a Coordinator of Client Services, then was promoted to Recruitment/Training Coordinator and has since taken the position of Human Resource Coordinator for Alberta. Prior to this Jodi worked with young children and in a hospital setting.

Jodi Wilson
Calgary Home Support Services -a Division of Aetas Health Care Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company, with head offices in Calgary, Alberta. Aetas has provided In-Home Health Care, Support Services, and Child and Family Services since 1971. It has centers throughout Alberta and Ontario. Aetas Health care Inc. offers a broad spectrum of Human Services through its various centers including In-Home Health Care, In-Home Support Services, Child and Family Services, support to Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Pediatric Care, and professional services such as: RN/LPN, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietician services and Speech Language Pathology.

In her current position, Jodi manages all aspects of Human resources including:

recruiting, retention, privacy adherence, benefit administration, occupational health and safety initiatives as well as WCB claims management.  Additionally, she acts as a resource for performance management, employee engagement and coaching/mentoring for the agencies supervisors. She also leads the Human
Resource team for Aetas's Accreditation process. Jodi works out of the
Calgary office but also acts as resource/mentor for all the Alberta
operations taking the lead for new Human Resource initiatives and/or

Jodi became a Registered Professional Recruiter, while working as the Recruit/Training Coordinator finding many ways to increase and implement her

From there she took the next logical step, and gained her
Human Resource Management Certificate at the University of Calgary. 
Finally, she achieved her Certified Human Resource Professional
designation in 2003.

Jodi thrives on change and is a strong supporter of life long learning.  She
has found her work in Human Resources to be the most rewarding segment of
her career path and looks forward to continuing in her role, taking on new
challenges and helping Aetas become an employer of choice.

In her off time, Jodi enjoys the great outdoors by running, biking, hiking
or snowshoeing.  She loves an adventure and is always game to go on treks with her friends or family to foreign countries or right here in Canada. 

Brandi Babando, RPR

In 1997, Brandi Babando left New Brunswick and moved to Nova Scotia to be with her fiancé. At that time Brandi joined the Downeast Communications team and realized her passion was in employee relations.

Brandi then made the decision to return to school after realizing that Human Resources was for her. Brandi attended Saint Mary’s University and started her upgrading.

Brandi Babando,
While at DownEast Communications, Brandi has held many different positions. Downeast is one of the largest retailers of communications equipment in the Atlantic Provinces. It has over 45 retail locations with over 300 hundred of employees. This company sells cellular, data devices, two-way radio, pagers, landline phones, Bell Express Vu satellite television and satellite phones.

Purchased by a private owner in 1991, DownEast Communications was then purchased by Aliant in 2004 and subsequently by Bell in 2006. This, combined with constantly changing promotions and products, has kept Brandi and her fellow employees facing numerous changes.

But change has always been an ongoing part of the DownEast Communications culture and the employees embrace it. Brandi originally joined thinking that she would work in sales as a short term solution while she decided what field she wanted to pursue educationally. After 4 and half years she moved into the Operations Department and then into her current position as a Human Resources Generalist. Brandi never stops; she is responsible for aspects of compensation, employee wear, recruitment, employment equity, occupational health and safety and performance management, to name a few responsibilities.

In her “spare” time she continues to attend Saint Mary’s as well as the Nova Scotia Community College. She plans to continue her education endeavors and is considering adding a degree in education to her repertoire. Brandi is also an active member of the Regional Executive for IPM Associations Maritime Chapter in Halifax.

But that’s not all, she does have a life outside of work and school – she enjoys gemology and spending time with her family – as well as having taken the plunge into home ownership.

Andrew Hiorth, RPR

Andrew Hiorth began his career in promotional advertising in Toronto where he lead a sales force of over 50 sales representatives promoting major sports teams, golf and country clubs, restaurant chains, and automotive dealerships.

Moving quickly with the company he moved on to bigger ventures with his firm opening new offices in London and Hamilton Ontario where Andrew drove the sales force to over 120 sales representatives.

Shortly after achieving great success, Andrew was attracted to a different industry that he never even knew existed.

Andrew Hiorth
Andrew received a phone call from the president of a company that he had never heard of, and was asked if he would be willing to meet to discuss a possible career opportunity. The recruitment industry was a vast world of growth and possibilities for Andrew, and an unsurpassable opportunity to be the vehicle for achieving his goals. Andrew chose his path, and found himself working for Brunel Multec Canada Ltd.

Brunel Multec is an international recruitment firm specializing in nearly every industry and all positions.

With nearly 100 offices in over 20 countries, Brunel Multec has enabled Andrew to provide companies and candidates alike with a quality of service second to none. Andrew is an accomplished recruitment consultant who now works as a project manager for Brunel Multec's clients and also serves as the company's trainer for Canadian operations. Over the last 3 years Andrew has found a great home at Brunel Multec. Andrew has established himself as a liaison to a large roster of companies in various industries. He has also gained a reputation as the "go-to source" for many companies who are in need of top talent world wide no matter what the requirements may be.

Andrew's goals have not changed much over the years. He strives to continue delivering great service to his clients, and providing the best advice to candidates world wide in this now more competitive and challenging market. He does this while teaching new recruiters about the industry and the most ethical and the most effective processes of recruitment. Andrew's goal is helping people. By sticking to this goal, Andrew believes that everything else a person could want or need will come as a result of being a positive influence to all he comes across.

However, don't be mistaken. Like many others, Andrew wants to be an extremely successful entity in the recruitment industry both professionally and financially. Andrew has been an accredited Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR) for over 2 years, and will be pursuing his accreditation as a professional trainer in the near future as well as a diploma in culinary arts. In his spare time Andrew is avid about cooking, video games, movies, Superman comic books/paraphernalia, reading and culinary arts.


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